A new skyline for Hungary

Advanced technologies for a legendary construction site. GEDA, a Bavarian manufacturer of industrial and construction hoists, supports a new high-tech building with its equipment.

The Bavarian company GEDA GmbH has been supporting the construction of a new high-tech building since the autumn of 2020. The new building is currently under construction in Budapest, Hungary. This is not another “ordinary” office building, though, but the new MOL Campus. Upon its completion, the building will serve as the headquarters of the MOL Group, a global oil and gas company. The MOL Campus will be a highly innovative and environmentally friendly office building in Budapest. In addition to its unique shape, it also features an integrated 28-story tower with a podium. With a spectacular overall height of 120 m, the Campus will be the highest building in all of Hungary. State-of-the-art technology on a floor space of 86,000 sqm completes the unique building. The lower levels will house a restaurant, a conference centre and many other facilities for a great work atmosphere. A “green lung” weaves through the heart of the building, while the flexible offices are located on the upper floors. The country’s highest skyscraper sets new standards in terms of technology as well as design.

Optimum construction site logistics

The Hungarian construction company Market Építő Zrt. is one of the most important players in the Hungarian construction industry and is responsible for the entire mega project. The extensive knowledge of this partner that has delivered more then 750 building projects during the last 25 years, will allow for smooth processes during the entire construction phase. To ensure this, the management at Market Építő Zrt. chose height access technology from GEDA GmbH in Asbach-Bäumenheim (Germany). The distance of around 750 km is irrelevant for this. The largest transport platform from GEDA, the GEDA 3700 Z/ZP, is used at the MOL Campus construction site. This device can handle the transport of heavy and oversized loads. The BL 2000 Twin person and material hoist is also installed to ensure fast, safe and reliable transport in an optimised process. An GEDA 2 PK is also used as a crane operator hoist..

GEDA 3700 Z/ZP transport platform

The vertical transport of the many glass panels that make up most of the façade of the MOL Campus is one of the special challenges at the Hungarian construction site. Vertical transport without a rack and pinion hoist would be very inefficient here. The GEDA 3700 Z/ZP is the optimum solution for these bulky, heavy materials that are difficult to transport. The transport platform meets all requirements of the complex project with a high load capacity of up to 3700 kg and a large usable area. Four different platform variants with different characteristics are available. A “D platform” was selected based on the situation on site. As the largest variant, it is an impressive 5 m long and therefore allows even bulky objects to be transported. The model is also approved for the combined transport of up to seven passengers. The transport platform is a strong partner for efficient working and can transport materials quickly and reliably with a speed of 24 m/min at the Hungarian construction site. A speed of 12 m/min can be reached in passenger mode. The 120 m of the MOL Campus are no great challenge for the GEDA 3700 Z/ZP, as it can transport materials and passengers up to a height of 200 m.

GEDA BL 2000 Twin

The GEDA BL 2000 Twin also ensures effective and safe working when it comes to height access technology at the construction site. At the MOL Campus site, this system transports passengers and materials to their destination. With a transport height of up to 250 m and a maximum lifting speed of 55 m/min, it easily covers the height of the building. The platform size of 3.20 x 1.45 x 2.10 m offers plenty of space and can be loaded with up to 2000 kg or 23 passengers. The Twin version of the GEDA BL 2000 serves the levels 1, 3, 5 and 7 (uneven) of the Campus with one platform and, in parallel and independently of another platform, the levels 2, 4, 6 and 8 (even) with a second platform. This offers the advantage of a continuous transport flow, even at very busy construction sites, reducing waiting times and the associated costs. As the safety of all involved is a priority, landing level safety gates have been installed. These are equipped with electromechanical monitoring using limit switches. It could not be easier to serve the 29 stop positions on the MOL Campus.


The GEDA 2 PK transports the crane operator for the MOL Campus to lofty heights, quickly and – above all – safely. This eliminates any strenuous climbing, regardless of the often difficult weather conditions in Budapest. As a result, time, costs and risks can be reduced to a minimum and smooth working on the construction cranes is ensured without interruptions. In an emergency situation, the GEDA 2 PK crane operator hoist can also become a life saver, as the recovery and rescue of ill or unconscious crane operators can be initiated very quickly. At this construction site, the equipment was installed on cranes from KROLL Cranes. The flexible system, however, can be installed on any crane type from any manufacturer, up a height of 150 m as a standard.