A première in Cyprus

Neu entwickelter Personen- und Lastenaufzug GEDA BL 2000 meistert ersten Baustelleneinsatz auf der Mittelmeer-Insel

In the construction of an apartment complex in the Cypriot town of Limassol, the new GEDA BL 2000 is providing valuable transportation services to ensure fast progress in the construction work. Christos Kolokotronis, a mechanical engineer at the company TCS Tower Crane Services Ltd. describes his first on-site experiences with the “new” product from GEDA.

To support the apartment construction project „Cedars Oasis“ in Limassol, the Cyprus-based company, TCS Tower Crane Services Ltd., in cooperation with Stagakis Ltd. based in Athens, rented and erected the new GEDA BL 2000 person and materials hoist to the construction company working on-site. Stagakis Ltd. and the Bavarian manufacturer of construction hoists and industrial elevators GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG have been working together since 2016 and have already jointly supported some outstanding construction projects.

Proven collaboration pays off

The construction of the apartment building presented those responsible with a few challenges, explains Christos Kolokotronis, a mechanical engineer at TCS Tower Crane Sercies Ltd. “Due to the building’s architecture it was initially difficult to find the right position for the hoist. Internally there was not enough space nor did the partially curved architecture of the external façade give us much room for manoeuvre. Added to this, the anchoring forces could only be installed on the landing levels which made the precise positioning even more difficult.” The TCS-Stagakis and GEDA experts jointly developed flexible anchoring solutions which convinced the customer on-site.

The new GEDA BL 2000 powerpack

Wherever heavy loads have to be transported to great heights, the newly developed GEDA BL 2000 ensures the necessary efficiency in the construction process. The person and material hoist has a load capacity of 2,000 kg or 23 people and a lifting speed of 55 m/min. The new power pack from GEDA is available as a single and twin variant. Customers also have the choice between a Standard and a Premium model. The fixed platform size of 1.45 x 3.20 x 2.10 metres of the GEDA BL 2000 also enables the transportation of bulky goods up to a lifting height of 250 metres.

The benefits of the GEDA BL 2000 were demonstrated for the first time in practice during the construction of the apartment building in Cyprus. In particular Christos Kolokotronis highlights the easy assembly of the GEDA S-mast segments which can be used - without any retrofitting - on both the single and twin models of the GEDA BL 2000. However the ease of use of the person and materials hoist was also a decisive argument: “The erection height on the apartment complex in Limassol is about 70 metres which normally would require lots of programming of the stop positions. However, the incremental encoder of the GEDA BL means it is very easy to program. Furthermore, the frequency converter makes the transportation process smooth and comfortable at start-up, when stopping at the stop positions and during the entire period of travel,” explains the Stagakis expert. The history of the actions performed on the hoist, such as start and stop time, error messages, load per journey etc. can be retrieved via a clear display. In this context Kolokotronis emphasises the possibility of remote maintenance and remote access as a genuine benefit. This means that the hoist can be connected at all times to the internet via the display and the hoist operator can receive support directly from the manufacturer.
Depending on the conditions at the construction site or on individual customer requirements, the GEDA BL 2000 Premium can be reprogrammed flexibly by the touch of a button from 2000 kg/63 amperes to 1500 kg or 1000 kg/32 amperes enabling the hoist to be used for many different purposes which in turn offers the customer a high degree of flexibility.
A visible wind sensor is also integrated into the display. This ensures that if the wind conditions are too strong the hoist is moved automatically to the ground station. This is an additional safety feature in particular for coastal construction sites.
If the hoist does not move after a customisable pre-defined period the device automatically returns to the ground station. The Premium Edition can also be used as a pure material hoist which means that the different landing levels are also accessible without any operating staff in the car. As an option the new GEDA BL 2000 can also be equipped with an automatic lubrication device, an access or finger print system as well as car heating.

More joint projects ahead

Last year, GEDA and Stagakis delivered an extremely successful construction project with the construction of the Greek Ptolemaida lignite power station in which numerous special height access technology solutions were deployed. The outstanding level of collaboration between the two companies has now been showcased again in the first use of the new GEDA BL 2000, which celebrated its successful “Première” in Cyprus. Christos Kolokotronis is optimistic about the future. “Our partner GEDA offers us high-quality hoist solutions for all the height access requirements of our customers – covering the enquiry, sales and service through to spare parts provision. Therefore we will also build on the support of the German experts for future projects.”