A spiky affair

GEDA hoist solutions support the construction of the Kaktus Towers in the Danish capital.

The Kaktus Towers - a unique design with lots of flair in the centre of Copenhagen. The two towers were designed by award winning architects and house 495 apartments with a Nordic design aesthetic, radiating timeless exclusivity. Comprising three separate sections - tower A (80 m), tower B (60 m) and the base, the buildings offer plenty of room for additional communal spaces such as a library and gym.

But why are the towers called Kaktus Towers? It quickly becomes evident upon seeing the pictures. The characteristic façade expression gave the project its name. The many balconies on the towers protrude like pointy spines and make the towers look like two cactus plants from the outside.

But before the unique structure was completed, the company LM Byg A/S had to erect the shell. Given the longstanding, trusting cooperation between TS Platform & Hejs and GEDA GmbH from Bavaria, providing the right equipment for this complex building project was easy. Two GEDA Multilift P22 Premium were hired out by TS Platform & Hejs for smooth and efficient vertical transport of bulky and heavy goods. In Scandinavian countries in particular, safety has a very high priority. It is therefore extremely important that the hoist can also transport passengers safely and effortlessly. When the shell was completed, work on the complex façade began and the buildings received their unique look.

Unusual design in Denmark

The Kaktus Towers are without doubt a true showstopper and their unique design is a truly memorable sight for visitors. But there were also some highlights during the construction phase. The GEDA Multilift P22 Premium reliably makes tough tasks easier every day and enables construction work at dizzying heights in the first place. With its clean lines, it attracts some attention of its own. The Multilift P22 Premium with a high load capacity of up to 2,000 kg or 22 passengers is not only the powerhouse from GEDA, but also moves very quickly with a lifting speed of 54 m/min. The remarkable aspect is that, despite the high load capacity, the hoist can travel on only one mast, the GEDA VARIO mast system. It has a transport height of up to 200 m - more than enough for the 80 m transport height for the construction of the towers. Thanks to the patented GEDA flat cable system, the Multilift P22 can transport passengers and materials quickly and reliably. The special highlight: The comfortable platform size of 1.40 m x 3.20 m x 2.10 m is impressive and allows even bulky goods to be transported. Assembly is nevertheless very simple. The complete preinstalled base unit, for example, which is composed of the car, enclosure, flat cable bin and drive, is delivered as a single unit with perfect dimensions for container loading and HGV transport. Long assembly times are therefore a thing of the past, because the device can be set up immediately on site without individual components for the car having to be assembled.

The actual assembly of the GEDA Multilift P22 is done from the walk-on roof. A ladder is attached to the car roof for easy access during assembly and inspection work. The Multilift reveals its advantages especially when space is restricted. Compared to larger passenger hoists, the Multilift has a footprint of only a few square metres. The hoist therefore requires no additional foundations, which often would have to be poured specifically. The GEDA Multilift P22 Standard is equipped with an automatic control that can be replaced with the even more user-friendly landing pre-selection control or a call control from the landing level, depending on the customer's requirements. The convenient diagnostic system makes the Multilift P22 even easier to use. Potential troubleshooting becomes unnecessary because the location of the malfunction is indicated with a symbol on the LED display. The automatic lubrication device, which significantly reduces wear on the gear rack and pinion, is included as standard on the GEDA Multilift P22.

But there is more

The GEDA Multilift P22 is certainly the highlight of vertical transport at the construction site in Copenhagen. But a look around between the Kaktus Towers reveals other devices as well. A GEDA 2 PK was installed on one of the cranes to transport crane operators to their workplace safely and more quickly. This crane operator hoist can transport two persons (200 kg) up to a height of 150 m - at 24 m/min. Compared to the strenuous climb, this allows the operator to start their work five times sooner. This increases efficiency, and there are virtually no comparable alternatives when it comes to safety.

The GEDA Multilift P22 made it possible to complete the construction work. But another simple and efficient option for vertical transport was also required, which is why the developers chose a GEDA transport platform. In contrast to conventional material hoists where passenger transport is strictly prohibited, these transport platforms are true all-round talents and can move passengers as well as materials. The GEDA 500 Z/ZP with a lifting speed of 24 m/min in material mode and 12 m/min in passenger mode can ensure rapid construction progress. The mast of the transport platform grew along with the construction progress until the required height had been reached. The SL platform used in Denmark offers enough space for bulky goods, such as plasterboard. The GEDA transport platform range is used not only on the Kaktus Towers, but all over the world. From the GEDA 300 Z/ZP to the GEDA 3700 Z/ZP, a device is available to suit any location and application. There are good reasons why the GEDA transport platforms are so popular. The transport platform series had an anniversary this year. Still successful to this day, an idea turned into the company's prestige product that is associated with the medium-sized manufacturer of construction and industrial hoists all over the world.