Buddha, curry and sacred cows: GEDA SH 1600 industrial hoist in India

Since 2009 the company ONCG Petro Additions Limited (OPaL) has been building a Petrochemical Complex in the Dahej Special Economic Zone in the Indian state of Gujarat. Bavarian technology in the form of an industrial hoist supplied by the company GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co.KG is being used on the steel construction of a dual feed cracker.

The industrial plant in Dahej consists of a dual feed cracker and other units which every year produce 1.1 million tonnes of ethylene and 400,000 tonnes of propylene. In addition, 135,000 tonnes of benzine, 95,000 tonnes of butadiene, 165,000 tonnes of pygas and 70,000 tonnes of carbon black raw materials are to be produced per year. The plant covers a total area of 508 hectares including its own rail and road network.
The Dahej Petrochemical Complex will supply 50% of its production to overseas markets including Africa, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The region is also benefiting from the numerous new jobs which have been created by the industrial complex.

The company SELAS-Linde Engineering India is responsible for the mechanical assembly of the dual feed cracker on the site of the petrochemical complex. The dual feed cracker consists of a total of eight crackers which will be commissioned at the end of 2012.
To ensure that operations run smoothly, regular maintenance work is required on the plant. Therefore a special lift for the safe transport of maintenance personnel has been allowed for. SELAS-Linde selected an industrial hoist for this purpose from the company GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co.KG from Asbach-Bäumenheim in Bavaria, Germany.

GEDA: Experts in industrial hoists

By selecting GEDA, SELAS-Linde made a decision to use the ultimate professionals in the height-access technology sector. As a result of its constant innovations and further developments to its products, GEDA has gained a worldwide reputation in this sector. In addition to the construction site hoists which have been proven and well-known for decades, over the last few years the company has added a second string to its bow in the industrial hoist sector.
The customer SELAS-Linde sets high demands on its suppliers and to qualify as a supplier more than a good price/performance ratio is required.

Excellent support: From the initial enquiry to the maintenance contract

GEDA and its products are backed by a professional team. GEDA has been totally certified according to DIN ISO 9001 since1999 and since then this has been continuously monitored and further developed.
Specifically in the project business good collaboration is required and therefore for many years GEDA has been operating a comprehensive support approach. The company sees itself as a reliable partner of the customer and not only as a supplier, with everything being supplied from a single source from the initial enquiry up to the maintenance and servicing contract. However for GEDA service does not stop with the delivery of the device. GEDA provides support during installation and additional acceptance tests on-site, gives advice in service training sessions customised to the product and offers a quick replacement parts service, repair service and maintenance agreements directly or through global service partners.

The result of a successful collaboration: GEDA SH 1600

The GEDA service lift is a product specifically developed for industry in order to facilitate the increasing requirements/requests for high-level transport for people and loads on diverse industrial sites.
In India GEDA was also able to meet the demanding documentation requirements of the customer SELAS-Linde. The GEDA SH 1600 industrial hoist was developed through close collaboration and it corresponds precisely to the requirements of the customer according to the Invitation To Tender documents. The lifting height of the hoist on the steel construction of the dual feed cracker is 45 m and the lifting speed is 24 m/min. With a platform size of 1.50 x 2.60 metres, the GEDA SH 1600 can safely transport upwards and downwards a maximum of 1600 kg or 18 people. A total of four stop positions plus a ground station can be travelled to. The mast-climbing GEDA SH 1600 wins over customers due to its fast, easy and space-saving assembly. No engine room is required as the powerful drive motors are located on the roof of the car. Of course the subject of safety is very important. The emergency release which is integrated inside the car ensures safe return to the ground station in the event of a loss of power. The GEDA SH 1600 also meets the specifications for work in explosion-protected areas of Zone 2, IIB T3 and has been accepted by the international test authority BASEEFA (GB) and by the Indian government test authority PESO.

Commissioning at the end of 2012

Far away from the Hindu Temples and the colourful Indian culture, the petrochemical complex in Dahej is one of the biggest industrial sites in the country. Once again an industrial lift from Asbach-Bäumenheim in Bavaria, Germany was selected by the customer and will continue to contribute to the success of the site after its commissioning at the end of 2012.