Equipped for all emergencies

Two GEDA Multilift P6 and ten GEDA 2 PK at the world's biggest hospital project

When the first patients arrive in the new Stockholm University Hospital Nya Karolinska in Stockholm in 2016, awaiting them will be customised patient care in one of the most modern university hospitals in the world.

When complete, the pioneering large hospital will have 600 in-patient beds and a capacity of up to 1,600 patient visits per day. The Karolinska Hospital Project will also set new environmental benchmarks. For instance, innovative heating and cooling circuits as well as the use of solar and wind energy are integral aspects of the design. The objective is to achieve the gold certification level (highest assessment class) of the LEED International Certification System for environmental issues.
The building project is being financed by a Public-Private-Partnership – a cooperation between public and private investors. The cost of Sweden's biggest building project is estimated to be about 14.5 Swedish Krona, making the Nya Karolinska University Hospital the world's biggest hospital building project that has ever been built using the PPP financing model.

Sweden's biggest construction site

Since the start of construction in summer 2010, the hospital project with a surface area of 32,000 m² has been Sweden's biggest construction site. The contract for the construction and operation of the new Stockholm University Hospital was won by the Swedish construction company Skanska. It is absolutely necessary that things run smoothly on a construction site of this magnitude. To ensure this happens about 400 temporary construction site containers are being used both as work containers and as office containers for Skanska.
The containers are sometimes placed on top of each other and form a complex of several storeys. Swedish law states that in buildings with at least three storeys, a hoist must be installed during construction work. In order to transport people and materials along the several storey building container, the Swedish construction company decided on two Multilift P6-hoists from the manufacturer GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co.KG from Asbach-Bäumenheim in Bavaria, Germany. The cranes are equipped with ten crane operator hoists GEDA 2 PK. Skanska and GEDA have been working closely together for many years and have already successfully completed several joint building projects.n.

GEDA Multilift P6: The compact assistantr

Since it was introduced to the market in 2007, the GEDA Multilift series has successfully established itself on the market and is used on construction sites worldwide.
The "smallest" of the series, the Multilift P6 wins over customers through its load-bearing capacity of 650 kg or six people. The lifting speed is 24 m/min, the maximum lifting height is 100 m.
One of the two devices on the Karolinska Hospital construction site is used to transport people and loads on the scaffold staircase tower of the Skanska work and office containers. The GEDA Multilift P6 is also used there as an emergency hoist to quickly transport any injured people down using a stretcher.
The second hoist is installed on the containers at the Skanska service centre. These construction containers store various devices which can then be lent to construction workers. The second GEDA Multilift P6 was commissioned in order to provide access to the different levels.
Cramped space conditions on construction sites are no problem here for the GEDA Multilift P6 since the flat cable bin is already integrated into the enclosure. This saves space and ensures the best possible logistics during construction. The full base unit which is composed of a car, enclosure, flat cable bin and drive is delivered as one unit with perfect dimensions for container loading and for HGV transportation. The device can then be erected immediately on-site without any cabin "components" having to be assembled. Just as when in hospital, every second counts on a construction site. Therefore the installation and dismantling of the Multilift P6 has to be fast and above all safe. Through the integrated trapdoor (in the roof) and the mast protection shield inside the hoist, the device can be easily assembled and disassembled from the platform. For safety reasons the 2.5 metre high enclosure is both electrically and mechanically locked which means that the enclosure door can only be opened when the device is located in the ground station. The two GEDA Multilift P6 devices were also equipped with electric unloading ramps specifically for use at the Karolinska Hospital. This means that at the exit level the unloading ramp can simply be opened by pressing a button – a solution that saves both power and particularly back strain. GEDA offers the electric unloading ramp for the entire Multilift series (P6, P12 and P18).

Lifesaver GEDA 2 PK

Thanks to the ten GEDA 2 PK crane operator hoists the crane operators are quickly lifted to their lofty work place. The GEDA 2 PK is designed to transport 2 people, whereas the maximum load is 200 kg. This allows, if necessary, the transportation of material for maintenance work to the top. The lifting speed is 25m/min. and the max. lifting height for the hoist is 150 m. Greater heights are available on request. The car has a ramp which makes the step onto the crane perfectly safe. When opening the car, the small ramp with side protection is lowered, which, along with the access barrier on the crane, provide a safe transition. One also should not forget, that the crane operator hoist can become a lifesaver: recovering or saving unconscious or sick crane operators can be quickly initiated, thanks to the GEDA 2 PK. Without a crane operator hoist, a helicopter is normally needed. This of course wastes precious time and causes additional costs.

Top location for healthcare

It is anticipated that building will continue intensively on Scandinavia's biggest construction site until 2016. By 2025 the city of Stockholm is planning to have become one of the world's leading healthcare industry locations. With the completion of the Karolinska Hospital Project, a significant step towards this will have been achieved. The two GEDA Multilift P6 and ten GEDA 2 PK installed in Stockholm have once again won over the customer and will continue to be found in construction sites across the world.