Finer living with GEDA

Close to the city centre with the sea just round the corner, large south-facing balconies and modern, bright and well-appointed apartments – this is the perfect description of a residential dream currently being constructed only 20 km from Stockholm's city centre and being ably assisted by a GEDA 2 PK crane operator hoist.

In the centre of Tyresö, a southern Stockholm suburb, the dream of sophisticated living has become reality. Next to the existing “Tyresö Centre” retail complex, new owner-occupied apartments offering a high quality of life are being created. The centre of the Swedish capital is only 20 minutes away thanks to the excellent transport network. The proximity to nature on the one hand and to the city on the other makes Tyresö View one of the most desirable places to live in Stockholm.

A multi-storey building together with another adjacent building offer space for 150 owner-occupied apartments with a total area of 12,863 m². Added to this are about 2,335 m² of additional retail space and a car park with 100 parking spaces, all embedded in a picturesque park environment. The project is valued at about SEK 600 million (EUR 67 million) with a total available sale area of 15,198 m².

There was definitely a need for such a top quality residential project, since most of the houses in this area were built in the 1960s and 1970s and no longer correspond to current living standards. There was purely and simply a lack of comfortable and well-laid out residential accommodation.

The construction is being undertaken by STRABAG, the third largest construction company in the world and the market leader in Germany and Europe. Therefore it was clear that the Tyresö View construction site was only to be equipped with the very best construction machinery! Included in this is a crane operator hoist supplied by the Bavarian construction hoist specialists GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co.KG which is being used on a WOLFF crane. In order to transport the crane operator quickly and above all safety to lofty heights, STRABAG decided to use the GEDA 2 PK crane operator hoist.

A focus on safety and efficiency

This rack and pinion hoist has consigned those reckless and arduous climbs to the past and the crane operator can now reach his work place quickly and safety in all weathers come rain or shine and even in stormy conditions, snow and ice.

The GEDA 2 PK is designed to transport 2 people, with a load capacity of 200 kg. Thus, as necessary, material required for maintenance tasks can also be transported upwards. The hoisting speed is 25 m/min with a maximum lifting height of 150 m. Higher lifting heights are possible on request. At the Tyresö View construction site the maximum lifting height of the crane operator hoist is 110 metres.

The car of the GEDA 2 PK has an entry ramp, so that access to the crane is completely safe. When opening the car door, the small ramp with side protection folds down and in conjunction with the access barrier on the crane, ensures safe access. Two GEDA landing level safety gates guarantee the safe transition from the cabin to the crane.

Easy assembly

Once the base unit is assembled and anchored, the aluminium ladder sections, weighing 22 kg, are installed through the open cabin roof and, using the patented quick-release connections, easily assembled without any screws. Special rail anchoring provides tension-free attachment to the crane mast. The hoist is operated from the control panel in the car. The flexible system of the GEDA 2 PK is suitable for all types of cranes from all manufacturers.

The GEDA 2 PK as a life saver

Another important point to note is that the crane operator hoist can also act as a life saver in an emergency. The emergency rescue of unconscious or ill crane operators can be carried out very quickly by the GEDA 2 PK. Without a crane operator hoist a helicopter is generally needed, which of course takes a huge amount of valuable time and generates additional costs.

Good views for GEDA at Tyresö View

One thing is certain. The Tyresö View project is paving the way for a new era in residential accommodation in Stockholm. Construction work is progressing at full speed as there is already a queue of people interested in the apartments. As the project is to be developed in several phases, construction started back in autumn 2011. After the completion of the retail space in March 2013, the first residential building is now ready for occupation. The deployment of the GEDA 2 PK has ensured this fast construction progress.