Flying high together

GEDA transport platform at Airbus Helicopters supports smooth processes

Back in 2012 height access solutions from the manufacturer GEDA based in neighbouring Asbach-Bäumenheim were used on the construction of the new development centre for Airbus Helicopters in Donauwörth. It is therefore all the more pleasing that the two companies are now working together again with the commissioning of a permanent hoist installation in a production hall that is by far the biggest employer in the Donau-Ries district.

As well as the production of helicopters, Airbus aircraft doors are also assembled at the Donauwörth site. Since additional storage space is urgently required for this production area, the company decided to use the roof-top area of the site well in Hall B1. In order to transport the door structures, components, assembly groups, other materials and packaging in accordance with all statutory and industrial requirements from the floor of the hall to the roof-top five metres higher, the project managers at Airbus Helicopters decided to install a permanent GEDA 1200 ZP P transport platform.

Smooth processes thanks to smart hoist technology and a flexible system

Smooth operations are particularly crucial for all sectors when it comes to warehousing and logistics. And in this context the spotlight is increasingly on the health and safety of employees. Permanently installed GEDA transport platforms are the ideal application aid when it comes to designing transport routes more efficiently and protecting the health of employees, as instead of painstakingly lifting over stairs or even ladders, items are transported up and down quickly and efficiently at the touch of a button.
The platforms are designed especially for transporting large loads but people may also be transported up and down using GEDA transport platforms. The permanent hoist solutions already impress at the erection stage thanks to their ease of assembly. As space is often tight in warehouses, thanks to the small footprint of the devices, even locations with restricted space do not pose a problem. And what's more they can also be retrofitted to existing installations and buildings with very little effort, due primarily to their low anchoring forces.

The GEDA 1200 ZP P hoist solution selected by Airbus Helicopters is the latest addition to the GEDA range of permanently installable transport platforms. The platform is available in many different variants which means that the hoist can be adapted perfectly to on-site conditions and individual customer requirements. Technical specifications of Airbus Helicopters stated that the hoist solution must be capable of transporting a minimum of 280 kg and also one to two people up to the storage area.
Airbus are using the hoist with the “B” platform design. The platform is 2.60 x 1.40 m and enables the transportation of 1,500 kg or 7 people with a hoisting speed of 9 m/min up to a maximum height of 50 m. Because the loading and unloading of the lift car as well as access to the platform is from two different directions, the platform has both a loading door and an unloading flap.
The landing level at the upper entry and exit points is equipped with a GEDA “Comfort” landing level safety gate. The completely galvanised gate ensures the safe transfer from the transport platform to the landing level.
An additional challenge for the installation of the permanent transport platform was the access to the platform. As the assembled Airbus doors have to be moved in standardised storage carts from A to B, access to the platform must be as low as possible and without the use of ramps or steps as far as possible. The GEDA experts solved this challenge in the form of a pit below the transport platform in order to transport the carts with the doors at ground level to the platform.

Comprehensive support approach

For 90 years GEDA has been combining unique know-how with continuous further development, proven quality and longevity in height access technology issues.
In addition to the construction hoists which have been proven and well-known for decades, the company has developed an additional string to its bow with its rack and pinion elevator for industrial use, which meets the high requirements of customers across the world, and therefore also those of the project managers at Airbus Helicopters.
Customer contact is always at the forefront of GEDA's activities. As part of its comprehensive support approach, the company not only sees itself as a supplier but also as a reliable partner of the customer – from the initial enquiry up to the maintenance and servicing contract. Our service does not end with the delivery of the device, as the height access specialist also provides support during installation and additional acceptance tests on-site, gives advice in service training sessions customised to the products and offers a quick replacement parts service, repair service and maintenance agreements directly or through global service partners.