From factory floor to shopping paradise

A GEDA materials hoist supports conversion work on a former factory site in Spain

Soaring upwards, the former factory chimney with its scaffolding is already visible from far and wide. In the industrial town of Sabadell, a city only 20 km away from Barcelona, extensive conversion works are underway on a disused factory building. The challenge here is that the former industrial chimney is a protected monument.

In future supermarket tills will ring out in the hall of the former factory building as a Spanish supermarket chain has purchased the hall and the industrial chimney.
In order to offer future customers the perfect shopping experience, no stone will be left unturned on the construction site of the former factory. However, the chimney is a protected monument and must retain its original shape. But as the ravages of time have gnawed into substance of the chimney, extensive refurbishment works are now required.
For safety reasons the top four metres of the chimney must be taken down and rebuilt. A materials hoist from the Bavarian manufacturer GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG. is being used for the fast assembly of the scaffolding and for the subsequent transportation of the old and new tiles.
The Spanish rental company, UNIC has rented the device to the construction company carrying out the works.

GEDA 200 Z – the ideal partner for scaffolders and construction workers

The compact and light GEDA 200 Z is the ideal support tool for scaffolders and construction workers and has won over the Spanish construction site with its range of benefits.
Once in place the materials hoist has scored highly due to its simple installation directly out of the platform itself and its extremely minimal space requirement. The patented quick lock of the ladder sections replaces laborious screw connections and enables the device to be quickly and easily assembled. The 2m base unit – consisting of a foot section, trolleys with drive and safety gear, a control, spring cable reel and travelling cable, undercarriage and overload protection – together with the platform of the GEDA 200 Z only require a ground footprint of 1.5 x 1.5 m. This means that it is possible to easily load the light 44 kg platform in parallel to the building.
The platform can also be tilted both to the left and right by 90 degrees, with unloading at the landings perfectly resolved.
With a load capacity of up to 200 kg and a lifting speed of 25 m/min, the GEDA 200 Z travels up to heights of 35 m and safely transports the old and new tiles for the chimney refurbishment up and down.
The GEDA development team has designed the new GEDA 200 Z to be service and maintenance-friendly, with all parts being easily accessible and practical to use.
To ensure safety at the top landing a GEDA “ECO” landing-level safety gate has been installed on the chimney of the former factory.

All customer requirements fulfilled

GEDA’s partner UNIC is using a GEDA hoist for the first time and is particularly pleased with the fast installation of the GEDA 200 Z materials hoist. The UNIC experts completed the entire installation in only 3.5 hours.
The refurbishment works on the chimney are scheduled to be completed after about four to six months. Until such time as serious shopping can commence in the new supermarket, the GEDA 200 Z will continue to provide proactive and effective support on the former industrial chimney in Sabadell.