GEDA 2 PK plays a leading role at the Paris Philharmonic

On the construction site of the new Philharmonie de Paris, which is being built on the premises of the Parc de la Villette, a GEDA 2 PK crane operator hoist of the Bavarian-based construction hoist manufacturer GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co.KG is being used. It is the first time since 1927 that a new concert hall is being built in Paris - a fantastic challenge for GEDA to participate in this significant project.

Focus on safety and time saving 

The rack and pinion hoist GEDA 2 PK is mounted on a top slewing crane of company Bouygues Construction. The crane operator is quickly lifted to his lofty work place. Risky, exhausting climbing actions are thus avoided and the crane operator reaches his workplace safely, whether in sun, rain, storm or even snow and ice. The company Bouygues has realised, that by using the GEDA 2 PK, hard cash can be saved on site, and is planning to equip the majority of top slewing cranes with GEDA crane operator hoists. The flexible system of the GEDA 2 PK can be used on all crane types of every manufacturer. 

While the use of crane operator hoists is mandatory in various Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands, unfortunately there is no standardised European regulation yet. Through the cooperation with companies like Bouygues, which appreciates the advantages of the GEDA 2 PK, the crane operator hoist is becoming more and more popular. 

The GEDA 2 PK is designed to transport 2 people, whereas the maximum load is 200 kg. This allows, if necessary, the transportation of material for maintenance work to the top. The lifting speed is 25m/min. and the max. lifting height for the hoist is 120 m. Greater heights are available on request. The car has a ramp which makes the step onto the crane perfectly safe. When opening the car, the small ramp with side protection is lowered, which, along with the access barrier on the crane, provide a safe transition.    

Lifesaver GEDA 2 PK

One also should not forget, that the crane operator hoist can become a lifesaver: recovering or saving unconscious or sick crane operators can be quickly initiated, thanks to the GEDA 2 PK. Without a crane operator hoist, a helicopter is normally needed. This of course wastes precious time and causes additional costs.

One thing is for sure: The GEDA 2 PK plays a leading role on the construction site when it comes to safety and efficiency.

Easy assembly 

After the base unit has been installed and anchored, the 22 kg light aluminium ladder sections are put in place while the car roof is open, and mounted easily without any screws using the patented quick lock system. A special rail-anchoring enables a de-energised mounting to the crane. The hoist is operated through a control panel in the car; optionally it also can be switched to an external control device if desired. 

Special models 

At the Philharmonie de Paris a special version of the installation is being used as requested by the customer: the hoist does not go all the way down but stops about 15m above base at the street level. The reason for this is, that with the rising building a sort of bridge between street and crane is to be constructed. So, the GEDA 2 PK adapts to the individual use - this is unique on the market.

The building of the Philharmonic is being constructed on a nearly two hectare large plot of land and will provide a floor space of almost 20,000 square metres. The construction costs are expected to be approx. 200 million EUR. The main hall can seat an audience of 2,400 and rehearsal- and classrooms will also be included. In an international contest the architect Jean Nouvel was chosen to realise his very extraordinary suggestion. Until the Philharmonie de Paris has been completed and inaugurated in the year 2013, the GEDA 2 PK will continue its service there.