GEDA adding a dash of blue to Malta

The turquoise waters of the Mediterranean will soon be far from Malta's only source of gleaming blue colour, as GEDA transport platforms are taking the island nation in southern Europe by storm just in time for the 25th anniversary.

GEDA, an SME based in Asbach-Bäumenheim in the German state of Bavaria, is delighted to have sold its first transport platforms to Malta in partnership with local firm Y&P Cranes. Y&P Cranes is the leading crane hire company on the island and also operates a successful international business. The company began with just six cranes but has since imported more than 300 tower cranes. Its own hire fleet alone operates 150 cranes.

Height access done the right way in Malta

A state-of-the-art new office building is currently under construction on the island, a popular tourist destination. It goes without saying that ensuring safe and efficient height access is essential on this new building project. ST Projects, the construction firm responsible for the development, opted for GEDA due to its proven track record and the quality that comes with the 'Made in Germany' stamp. Reliability and servicing were major factors in the decision, and both are guaranteed thanks to the exceptional service that Y&P Cranes offers with its crane hire in Malta. One of two GEDA 1200 Z/ZP transport platforms already delivered to Malta has been deployed on the building site and handling everything asked of it with aplomb for a whole 16 months.

A perfect match

The GEDA 1200 Z/ZP is the ideal transport platform for this construction site. Thanks to the platform used – the C 1500 kg, measuring 1.40 m x 3.20 m with a large 2.90 m entrance doorway – loading the bulky pallets required is simplicity itself. In addition to the C 1500 kg platform, three other versions (the A, B and C platforms) are available. On this building project, the transport platform needs to serve 17 floors and reach a conveyor height of 85 m. With a maximum conveyor height of 130 m, meeting these requirements is no problem at all for the GEDA 1200 Z/ZP. The generous load capacity of 1,500 kg allows enormous quantities of building materials to be transported quickly and safely to their destinations on the site. That saves both time and money on every project. Like all GEDA transport platforms, the equipment features two separate control systems. That means that it can be used simply as a material hoist (lifting speed of 24 m/min) or switched over to convey personnel and material (lifting speed of 12 m/min). The compact dimensions of the base unit make it easy to transport to and from the work site, and the handy setup aid is extremely useful for the basic assembly of the equipment.

Clever all around

Not only safe vertical transport is extremely important to Y & P Cranes – a well thought-out transition to the building also has to be ensured. To achieve this, 17 GEDA “Standard” landing level safety gates have been installed at this site to provide comfortable transitions.

In addition to all this, GEDA have created a new digital application: GEDA CENTRAL. This is an intelligent online platform for digital services in connection with GEDA hoists.

It includes the GEDA INSTALLATION DESIGNER – an extensive online calculation tool for anchoring and ground forces. The installation situation can be entered quickly and easily to find the optimum installation configuration for individual projects – at any time.

Building data modelling? GEDA has developed a simple solution for that as well: the GEDA BIM CENTER. An extensive range of device models and accessories are available to download in various file formats, enabling optimum digital planning of buildings or simulations of construction processes. All this can be accessed quickly and easily through GEDA CENTRAL.

GEDA INSTANT SUPPORT is another feature: The intelligent digital support tool can be used to resolve common questions and smaller problems in practical application. It even offers a tips and tricks section for GEDA products. GEDA INSTANT SUPPORT is always available – quickly and easily on a smartphone!

The Technical News are the fourth service in GEDA CENTRAL. This is where users regularly receive technical news from GEDA.

The GEDA DOCUMENT CENTER can also be accessed through GEDA CENTRAL. After the GEDA BIM CENTER, this innovative tool is the latest digital product from GEDA and will become indispensable in the future. It is a download platform for all documents required in connection with GEDA hoists. The necessary documents can be accessed quickly and intuitively from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

GEDA CENTRAL is a useful tool to make work at the construction site so much easier. The services can be accessed directly from Malta with a single account.