GEDA at BAU 2017

Construction hoist manufacturer announces its 2017 trade fair year and exhibits a world première.

“Experience the future of building at first hand” – this was the motto of the 22nd BAU trade fair which took place in Munich from 16 to 21 January. 2,120 exhibitors and over 250,000 visitors from 45 countries attended the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems. And once again the trade fair broke records. The Who’s Who of the construction sector exhibited over more than 180,000 m² of exhibition space with the site having been completely sold out for years.

Visitors to the stand of GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG could admire the future of height access technology on construction sites. Alongside a selection from the current product range, the height access specialists from Asbach-Bäumenheim presented a genuine world première on its exhibition stand with the GEDABatteryLadderLIFT (AkkuLeiterLIFT) Following on from the successful launch of the prototype at bauma 2016 BAU visitors could now see the production-ready product for themselves.

A real highlight: The GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT

“The GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT is the perfect addition to our existing range for small suspended loads,” explains GEDA Managing director, Johann Sailer. The name is the game for the compact and light device as the high-capacity 24 V/10 Ah Li-Ion-battery removes any need for that often time-consuming search for an electricity source on a construction site. It can also be operated totally wirelessly by the handy radio control with a range of about 10 metres.
But that's not all because the compact assistant can also be controlled via a mobile app. To enable this feature, the first time the device is used a password is provided for app WLAN access. If the system is not used for 15 seconds it automatically logs out and then another user can use the app to control the device.
As soon as it arrives on the construction its low self-weight, ease of handling and extremely short assembly time of only around five minutes (for a ladder length of 4.5 metres) this GEDA world première can be used immediately.

It's all in the mix: Three packages for every installation

To ensure that the broadest possible spectrum of uses sand heights are covered in the best possible way, the GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT and the GEDA LIFTLadder will be available in three different packages of Standard, Comfort and Perfect.
This combination of ladders and ladder connectors means that the lifting height can be variably adjusted. Therefore the GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT can support heights up to 10 metres.
The GEDA LIFTLadder is extremely versatile in its use. It can also be used as a stepladder and lean-to ladder and can support lifting heights from 4.5 metres to 10.0 metres. And of course the robust ladder can also be used as a traditional construction site ladder.
With its load capacity of 120 kg and a hoisting speed of 15 m/min the GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT transports all types of construction materials upwards quickly and safely on its versatile load platforms. The customer has the choice of three different load platform designs – Standard, Comfort and Perfect – depending on the specific intended usage.

The Premium load platform is a real winner with customers due to its practical “2in1” benefit since due to an integrated chassis, the platform can be used to transport the device and also to transport a diverse range of materials to the winch.

One issue that is becoming a higher priority is a more human approach to the workplace. Illness-induced absences – specifically due to back pain – are unfortunately all too common in construction sector. Dragging heavy, bulky building materials over many years can have a detrimental effect on health. “With the GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT we are providing our customers with a tool that not only saves time and money but also improves working conditions on the construction site for company's staff,” continued Johann Sailer.

After a short battery charging time of only about 2.5 hours, the compact transport professional is then ready for its next deployment.
BAU visitors can of course test the GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT live in combination with the Premium load platform on the trade fair stand.

GEDA’s trade fair calendar is already filling up for 2017

GEDA has already scored highly with the numerous national and international BAU visitors both with its proven product range and also with the world première GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT and the company concluded the show with a positive result.
The next few dates in the GEDA trade fair calendar are already set. In 2017 these once again include Baumag in Lucerne and the International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas, before once again returning to home turf to interlift 2017 in Augsburg.