GEDA hoist for the tyre hotel

Permanent GEDA 300 ZP P transport platform installation in a tyre store

There is particularly intense activity in the tyre store of Albert Böttcher OHG, the traditional Opel dealership in Neuburg a. d. Donau, when twice a year, at the time of the seasonal tyre switch-over, it offers its customers a very special service. A permanently installed GEDA transport platform provides valuable transportation services in Böttcher´s “tyre hotel”.

Alongside its specialist advice and consultancy, the Böttcher car dealership offers its customers a professional storage facility for both summer and winter tyres. During their stay in the “tyre hotel” wheels receive a genuine full-service treatment. They are stored in a cool, dry and light-protected place at the correct air pressure, thereby enabling the Böttcher experts to ensure optimum tyre operating life whilst the customer also saves storage space and effort.

The increasing demand was the reason why the Böttcher car dealership decided to build a new storage hall perfectly designed for tyre storage. Over two stories the “tyre hotel” can now accommodate up to 600 sets of tyres at peak times.

Tyre change please – no problem with GEDA

Of course a “tyre hotel” must also have a lift. Fittingly, therefore, “guests” are now transported up to the first floor by a permanent 300 ZP P transport platform from GEDA Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG. Once arrived on the top floor, tyres can be safely removed and move into their respective winter or summer accommodation.

With its platform size of 1.35 m x 0.95 m, the permanently-installed lift reliably and safely transports up to 300 kg or 3 people up and down. Its lifting speed of 12 m/min and lifting height of up to 50 m make it the ideal solution. In the Böttcher tyre store the transport platform is deployed with a lifting speed of 9 m/min and can be installed in any location.

In order to further increase safety along the shelf structures, a GEDA landing level safety gate on the upper entry/exit points ensures the safe transfer between platform and landing. Prior to commissioning, the transport platform was of course subject to TÜV acceptance criteria. The transport platform has been fitted with a loading door specifically for use in the tyre store. This is a real benefit as the platform can also be driven at ground level with a sack truck.
As with all GEDA rack and pinion hoists with a load capacity between 300 kg and 2,000 kg, the 300 ZP P permanent transport platform can also be used with the GEDA UNI-MAST system. This is of specific benefit to rental companies since a standardised mast system enables huge savings in investment and warehousing costs

For car dealership owner, Gerd Böttcher, the benefits of the permanent transport platform are clear to see: “With such a high order volume it was simply no longer feasible to transport all the tyres manually or with a forklift. Our new GEDA transport platform has made our operations faster and significantly safer. However, the biggest advantage is that we are protecting the health of our staff.”

GEDA Transport Platforms – the Original in Permanent Use

GEDA permanent transport platforms facilitate and expedite regular buildings inspections, maintenance and other necessary servicing work. And what's more they can also be retrofitted with very little effort and minimal downtime to existing installations and buildings, due primarily to their low anchoring forces.
Over eight decades of proven know-how, continuous development and unique quality have made the GEDA transport platforms strong partners for heavy loads and efficient work methods.

The next winter will arrive without fail

In its “tyre hotel” the Böttcher car dealership is offering a full service for everything to do with wheels and the car dealership team, which is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year, is certainly well-equipped with the energetic support of the GEDA 300 ZP P.
The height access specialists from Asbach-Bäumenheim have now recorded yet another successful installation of a permanent GEDA height access solution – because next winter will surely arrive followed of course by next summer.