GEDA remains a strong partner in the region

Märker Zement GmbH, the medium-sized company from Harburg, is continuing to take advantage of its geographic proximity to the company GEDA. A GEDA BL 2000 Twin is providing an irreplaceable service for the construction phase of a pre-heat exchanger.

Preparations have been moving ahead at full speed since summer 2020 at Märker-Zement GmbH, a family business operating in the stone and earth industries. One of the most modern cement kilns in Germany is being constructed in Donau-Ries to replace the existing 50-year old kiln. The objective of this cement works modernisation is both to secure jobs and improve climate and environmental protection.

An easier construction phase with GEDA

However, the GEDA solutions also offer customer-appropriate, temporary height-access solutions in the form of robust transport platforms for people and materials, hoists purely for materials and versatile transport platforms for new cement factory constructions as well as for maintenance and repairs during ongoing operations or during the winter inspections. Therefore the assembly firm decided to deploy a GEDA BL 2000 Twin for an optimum handling of the project. As in the past, the decision was taken to rely on the neighbouring manufacturer of industrial and construction hoists for the construction of the new 118 m high heat exchanger. Both companies have represented quality and know-how for generations. When combined with the geographic proximity of about 20 km, the continuing, trusting and seamless cooperation is perfect.

Often the GEDA BL 2000 Twin with its large 3.20 x 1.45 x 2.1 m platform is described as the "main artery of the building site". The transportation of up to 23 persons has been designed to be pleasant, secure and effective. The continuous movement of all relevant personnel on this high structure can be ensured and significant efficiency increases have been detected. Bulky goods can also be transported up to a hoisting height of 250 m. On such a building project having sufficient space for transporting big items is "worth its weight in gold". Thanks to a hoisting speed of 40 m/min, or with the necessary equipment up to 55m/min, building materials, tools and workers can quickly be conveyed upwards. The integrated premium package with the option of remote maintenance, wind sensors and intelligent call control features makes the equipment even more comfortable and user-friendly. In mid-April at the start of the building works, the construction hoist was built up to about 20 m. As the construction progressed the height of the tower also rose as did the GEDA BL 2000 Twin alongside it. Finally, it has reached a construction height of 100 m and will do his job every day until the construction of the outer wall is completed. Specifically when building progress phases must be adhered to, high-quality, fast and efficient collaboration is essential. GEDA has been operating a comprehensive support approach for every individual customer for many years. This is of course facilitated due to the geographic proximity. For example, spontaneous processing and trusting collaboration have helped with the project management. GEDA will also continue to be the partner for the permanently installed hoists after the completion of the project.

Good experiences pay off

GEDA already has experience of supporting its neighbouring cement works with its hoists. A permanent hoist from the SH Series is installed on the old 80 m high heat exchanger tower. The SH 2000 industrial elevator has proven to be of reliable assistance since 2013. Its 1.5 x 2.8 x 2.15 m car with a rated load of 2,000 kg provides enough space to also transport bulky and heavy parts easily and safely up and down. With a hoisting height of 68 m and a speed of 40 m/min, this device can easily handle the 10 stop positions.

Just one year later the benefits of the GEDA hoists had become absolutely indispensable and an additional device, the GEDA SH 1000, was permanently installed to a 6 landing level multi-chamber silo. Maintenance and repair works at these heights would be extremely time-consuming without these devices. They can transport up to 11 people or 1,000 kg of materials up to a height of 62.2 m. The slightly smaller 1.2 x 1.68 x 2.15 m platform perfectly fits the required space. In 2016, the SH 850, the smallest hoist to date, was installed for quicklime preparation. This travels every 5 stop positions with a transportation height of 26.6 m and has been attuned specifically to the structure. All hoists are adapted to the difficult environmental conditions created by burning operations in the stone and earth industry.

Additional projects are already set in stone

As soon as this construction is complete, the GEDA-Märker success story will continue. Two GEDA devices will be installed permanently after the final completion of the kiln. Preparations are in full swing and the construction progress is remarkable. This means that in early 2022 the GEDA 3700 ZP P will be permanently fixed to the cooler building of the kiln. This consists of a transport platform which with its high load capacity and large platform can meet all requirements.


For future maintenance and repair works the heat exchanger must be accessible 24/7 and the GEDA SH 2500 is specifically designed for this purpose. It can easily supply all 14 landing levels and with its load capacity of up to 2,500 kg it can transport all the materials and workers required. The benefits of the industrial elevator are particularly evident in this rough environment. The work on the heat exchanger tower can be performed more easily, faster and safer. This hoist will be installed in spring 2022 and we are already looking forward to reporting on this existing project.