Large order for crane operator hoists

GEDA 2 PK meets the requirements for a demanding LNG project in Murmansk

At this year’s bauma, GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG, the construction and industrial elevator specialist, booked a confirmed order for a prestigious future-oriented project in Murmansk in Russia. Over the next few years 16 GEDA 2 PK crane operator hoists will support the construction of the “Arctic LNG-2” liquefied gas installation.

“Arctic LNG-2” is based on a project of superlatives. The liquefied natural gas installation is based on the construction of a company-owned wharf. Amongst other things, special dry docks will enable the assembly of gravity-based structure platforms made of reinforced concrete, drilling and production installations for offshore projects in the Arctic as well as additional maritime installations. Russia’s biggest independent of natural gas, NOVATEK, is responsible for the multi-million construction project.

It is not only the project itself that is pioneering but also the technology installed on the construction site. Commissioned by the company NTC GRPM Ltd., the end-customer on-site, the Danish crane manufacturer, Krøll Cranes, equipped 16 cranes with GEDA 2 PK crane operator hoists. Eight devices have now been delivered to Murmansk.

Quickly and safely to their place of work at lofty heights

Both GEDA’s partner Krøll Cranes and the end-customer are convinced of the benefits of the GEDA 2 PK crane operator hoist.  Satisfied customers worldwide and collaborations with renowned companies underline the quality of the height access technology from GEDA.
The GEDA 2 PK transports the crane operator to his workplace, quickly and, above all, safely. This means no more risky, arduous climbs in often poor weather conditions. The flexible system means the hoist can be installed on all crane types from all manufacturers, up to a height of 150 m as standard.
Once the base unit of the rack and pinion hoist has been assembled and anchored, the aluminium ladder sections, weighing only 22 kg, are installed through the open cabin roof and easily mounted without screws, using the patented quick-release connections.

Comprehensive safety features complete the overall concept of the GEDA 2 PK. When opening the car, a small ramp with side protection folds down and, in conjunction with the access barrier on the crane, ensures safe access to the car. A speed-dependent safety gear guarantees safety, while electrical safety elements prevent operating errors.
The crane operator hoist can also act as a life saver in an emergency situation, as the recovery and rescue of unconscious or ill crane operators can be conducted very quickly with the GEDA 2 PK.

The crane operator hoists installed on the Krøll cranes were adapted by the manufacturer GEDA in close collaboration with the customer specifically to meet the challenges of the mega-project. These adaptations have enabled all the devices to meet the special requirements of extreme cold. All hoists are used in the 120 metre lifting height design. As regards ladder sections, GEDA and Krøll have deliberately used the flexible material of aluminium, which optimally balances out the natural movements of the crane.

Johann Sailer (CEO GEDA), Aleksandr Lokhin (NTC GRPM Ltd., Per Ostergaard (Head of Service Krøll Cranes), Florian Draxler (Area Sales Manager GEDA), Kazimierz Wasilczyk (Regional Sales Manager GEDA), Karen Papayants (General Director GEDA Russia), Dmitriy Antonov (GEDA Russia).

Focus on customer partnerships

Through “Arctic LNG-2” NOVATEK is projected to increase its annual LNG production to over 34 million tonnes. The liquefied natural gas is shipped via the North Sea route and towards the East to Asian purchasers.
The mega-construction project is one of several projects which Novatek is running in the Russian Arctic and is located in the vicinity of Yamal-LNG, which is also using GEDA height access solutions for its construction.
Eight crane operator hoists have already been delivered to Murmansk for the first of the three project phases. The further eight devices will be starting their journeys to Russia at the end of 2019.
For GEDA as a manufacturer customer proximity is very important. Therefore, GEDA, the construction hoist specialist, has had its own subsidiary in Russia since 2008. As well as the sales office and the warehousing facilities in Moscow, trading partners in virtually all regions of the country ensure individual customer requirements are met. This enabled the service team from the Russian GEDA subsidiary to also be on-site for the first commissioning of the crane operator hoists at “Arctic LNG-2”.