Premiere in Finland

A GEDA Multilift P18 of the new generation is used at a construction site in Helsinki for the first time

Construction and industrial hoist manufacturer GEDA GmbH first presented the new generation of the person and material hoist GEDA Multilift P18 at bauma 2019. Now the device is used for the first time in Helsinki.
Extensive extension and renovation work is currently under way on a residential building in the heart of the Finnish capital. The currently empty loft space, for example, will be turned into apartments. The metal roof will also be fully refurbished.

To ensure optimum logistics at the construction site, construction company Skanska Rakennuskone Oy hired to carry out the work chose a GEDA Multilift P18 person and material hoist. They are using the latest generation of the GEDA Multilift range, which has been successfully established in the market since 2007.
The GEDA Multilift P18 proves itself as an indispensable helper for transporting construction waste, various construction materials as well as the workmen.

New GEDA Multilift P18 impresses with clever features

At first glance, the new GEDA person and material hoist already impresses with it completely revised, clean design. Two platform lengths – 3.2 m and 3.7 m – allow easy transport, in particular for bulky construction materials.
The extension has been placed on the A-side of the car. The 3.7 m version of the platform with a load capacity of 2,000 kg is used at the Finnish construction site. The installed height on the residential building in Helsinki is 21 m.
As part of the redesign of the car interior, the control unit of the car switch box and the assembly guard were recessed and integrated without interfering protrusions.     
To keep wear on the gear rack and pinion as low as possible, the GEDA Multilift P18 is equipped with an automatic lubrication device. The new lubrication pump is included as standard and is compatible with the entire GEDA Power Grease line.     
Depending on the construction site conditions or customer requirements, power consumption can be influenced by reducing the load and/or speed so that a 32 A connection will be sufficient instead of the standard 63 A connection. This opens up a significantly broader range of applications for the hoist.
Great emphasis was also placed on ease of use: Instead of previously two car switch boxes, only one large box is now used, while a completely revised innovative control system ensures even greater ease of operation. In addition to this, the new, much wider assembly plank ensures better accessibility during assembly. Easy maintenance was also a key point of the redesign. All wear parts are quickly and easily accessible on the new version of the GEDA Multilift P18.
The lifting speed is 40 m/min, and the GEDA UNI-X-MAST is used as the mast system. It was also presented at bauma 2019 for the first time and replaces the previous GEDA UNI-MAST system.
The remote service option completes the overall concept of the new GEDA Multilift P18.

Continued success

The new GEDA Multilift P18 has successfully passed its first test at the construction site in the city centre of Helsinki. The GEDA Multilift P18 has been a very popular hoist solution for efficient and safe transport of persons and materials on construction sites in Finland for many years.
Florian Draxler, GEDA Regional Sales Manager for Scandinavia, also provides a positive summary: β€œThe positive feedback from our customer Skanska Rakennuskone Oy shows that the second generation of the GEDA Multilift P18 meets the demands of the market, allowing us to create customised solutions for our partners worldwide. Always in touch with the market, we are able to convince even the most demanding customers and expand our partnerships.”