Renovation on the Andalusian landmark

GEDA wire rope hoist is put to use for refurbishment work on the Giralda Sevilla

The Cathedral of Saint Mary in Seville soars majestically over the heart of the Spanish city and its imposing bell tower – La Giralda – is both the landmark of Seville and of the region of Andalusia. At a height of 97.5 metres, both during its construction period and for long time afterwards, it was the highest tower in the world.
The impressive monument harmoniously combines several construction styles and can look back on a long (architectural) history. Constructed by the Almohads in the 12th Century as an original mosque tower, the Giralda has retained its Moorish character despite Christian modifications in the centuries that followed. Its superimposed belfry now houses 25 bells from different eras.
In former times the gently rising 2.50 metre wide ramp was wide enough for two riders to ride alongside each other up to the seventy metre high gallery. This is where today's visitors can enjoy the grandiose view over the rooftops of Seville.

Extensive renovation works

However, the ravages of time have gnawed into the historic masonry of the Giralda and extensive refurbishment works are now underway on Seville’s landmark.
Following the completion of the works on the south and west façades, the work has now moved to the east side of the Giralda from the minaret to the famous Lillies Terrace. As well as the protection and reinforcement work on the masonry and the restoration of some Moorish façade elements, the specialists are also thoroughly cleaning the façade.

To ensure the rapid progress of the refurbishment works, Alquiansa, the Spanish company commissioned to construct the scaffolding, decided to use a rope hoist from the manufacturer GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG.

Scaffolding construction – quickly and safely

With two hoisting speeds, easy assembly and comprehensive safety features, the GEDA Maxi 120 S wire rope hoist is the ideal tool for an efficient and primarily safe transportation of scaffolding parts and construction materials.
Even during the assembly phase the benefits of the compact transportation tool became apparent: The manual drive of the rope drum is not transported upwards, but simply fastened to the scaffolding at the bottom, while the lightweight swivel arm is installed at the top of the scaffold at the desired height. This even allows a quick and easy relocation of the rope hoists during the different construction phases. The load capacity of 120 kg and a hoisting speed of 20 m/min / 60 m/min ensures the construction progresses quickly.
A broad selection of accessories and load handling devices turns the compact rope hoist into a true all-round talent on construction sites. Whether bulky scaffolding elements, loaded wheelbarrows, buckets or other construction materials – GEDA rope hoists from the Mini/Maxi range have been known in the construction industry for decades and ensure easy and efficient material transport at the press of a button.

Renovations are still ongoing

The Giralda Sevilla was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites back in 1987. However, the numerous visitors from across the world will have to wait to enjoy uninterrupted views of the most photographed eastern façade of the landmark as the Giralda will be concealed behind scaffolding for quite a while yet.