Teamwork in Lithuania

GEDA and CRAMO equip #Tower with height access solutions

Four construction hoists from the manufacturer GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG were used on a state-of-the-art office and residential building complex in Vilnius in Lithuania to ensure the fast progress of the construction project.

With 159 top quality apartments are located over 24 storeys, #Tower in Vilnius, Lithuania, is one of the city’s tallest buildings and promises to be a very comfortable living environment from its unusual architecture alone. Designed as a semi-circle the striking external design of #Tower increasing in height from one end to the other is impressive. The complete façade covers 11,000 m² and is made from a special aluminium-glass construction which regulates the temperature inside the building in a natural way thereby ensuring an optimum feel-good environment.
The lower five stories contain numerous businesses, restaurants and a fitness studio. The residents also have the benefit of a concierge service, spacious landscaped gardens with a children’s play area as well as charging stations for electric cars and e-bikes.

The construction work started back in 2005. Construction stopped for one year then IREC Baltic (International Real Estate Concern) purchased the still incomplete part of the building taking over the further development and completion of the #Tower. At the end of 2017 the façade work was completed by the Lithuanian construction company, KG Constructions and the first apartments were purchased. In order to ensure that progress was fast after the purchase of the building and the resumption of the building works, four construction hoists from the German manufacturer GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG were put to use. GEDA’s long-standing partner, the rental company CRAMO, rented the hoist solutions to KG Constructions.

Efficiency three times over

Because people as well as a wide range of building materials had to be transported on the #Tower, the construction company responsible decided to install three GEDA 1500 Z/ZP transport platforms. The benefits of this height access solution are clear to see. The GEDA 1500 Z/ZP is equipped with two separate control systems and can be used both as a pure material hoist and also as a transport platform for people and materials up to a height of 100 metres. The transport platform control system activates a hoisting speed of 12 m/min and this enables the transportation of people and materials. If only building materials are being transported it can simply be switched by a touch of a button to material hoist mode with a higher speed of 24 m/min.
The proven two mast system of the GEDA 1500 Z/ZP ensures the platform remains stable when travelling and also ensures lower anchoring forces on the façade, since despite the high load capacity of 2,000 kg or seven people, the load distribution across two masts ensure that only low forces impact the external walls of the building.

Nor does the transportation of bulky building materials such as plasterboards, or as in Lithuania big façade elements, present any problems for the spacious platform. To meet the requirements of every different construction site and materials to be transported, with the GEDA 1500 Z/ZP transport platform the customer can select from a total of 14 different platform options which extend up to load capacities of 2,000 kg. The practical modular construction means there are many different combination options. The “B” platform design with loading door and loading ramp and dimensions of 1.45 m x 3.3 m x 1.1 m / 1.8 m metres is being used on #Tower. Practical accessories enable the transport platform to be perfectly adapted to the on-site conditions.

Easy façade assembly with the GEDA suspended working platform

Works on the façade of the #Tower were carried out with the assistance of the GEDA AB 650 suspended working platform. For these diverse work steps the GEDA suspended working platforms are the perfect solution because they enable scaffolding-free work on all types of building façades. The components of the GEDA suspended working platforms are very light and can be transported by one person which, last but not least, also makes the assembled platform easier to move. The platform also offers sufficient space for personnel and materials. The operating height can be adjusted with centimetre precision, which means that work can always be carried out at an ergonomically ideal position. Corner pieces and brackets enable the platform to be adapted to a wide variety of building shapes. The hot dip galvanized outriggers can be quickly assembled and disassembled using the plug and socket devices. The integrated incline compensation and the overload protection system also enable work to be carried out safely.

Teamwork pays off

And last but not least, the on-site staff have also benefited from the long-standing collaboration between GEDA and CRAMO. For example CRAMO employees have conducted comprehensive training sessions in the operation of the GEDA height access solutions and also issued the requisite certificates for the operation of the hoists. And finally thanks to the efficient collaboration between GEDA and CRAMO all the work was completed on schedule.

Not all apartments in #Tower have been sold yet. A few of the high-calibre apartments in Vilnius are still available.