Teamwork made in Donau-Ries

An industrial lift supplied by GEDA from Asbach-Bäumenheim is performing valuable transportation services on the preheater tower of the Märker cement works in Harburg.

The lift travels 70 metres up the preheater tower of the cement works. However, the Märker employees can only enjoy the beautiful view over the Danube-Ries region for a short time, because their main priority is to reach the nine landings of the tower quickly and safely. Maintenance works are essential to ensuring smooth processes in cement production.

The name Märker has symbolised quality for generations and therefore when selecting a lift to secure access to the individual landings on the preheater tower, the company regarded the provision of a reliable solution as very important. Therefore, when selecting the appropriate height access technology, the Harburg-based company decided to rely upon the 80-years' experience and expertise of GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co.KG located in Asbach-Bäumenheim only 17 km away.

In the production of cement first of all rock fragments are processed into raw meal which is then heated in the preheater tower by hot gases from the rotary kiln to about 850 °C. The hot meal then falls from the preheater tower into the rotary kiln where it is burnt to cement clinker and prepared for the next production stages.

Home game for GEDA – Home advantage for Märker

Due to the maintenance and repair works the preheater tower must be accessible 24/7 and the GEDA SH 2000 industrial lift has proven to be of reliable assistance here. Its 1.55 × 2.8 metre car with a rated load of 2000 kg provides enough space to also transport bulky and heavy parts easily and safely up and down.
The lift was therefore specially adapted to the requirements of the preheater tower so that the GEDA SH 2000 can withstand the difficult environmental conditions – the tower emits huge heat levels and dust generation is part of everyday life.

On each of the nine landings special GEDA landing level safety gates and landing enclosures ensure extra safety at the entry and exit points.

Whether on chemical or offshore plants, in power stations or in tunnel constructions, GEDA industrial lifts are deployed in a wide range of locations worldwide.
The lift specialist from Asbach-Bäumenheim is particularly delighted to provide a lift to a “neighbour”.
Both parties have benefited from this geographic proximity, since the project business relies on good, trusting collaboration. GEDA has been operating a comprehensive support approach for many years. This means that the company not only sees itself as a supplier but also as a reliable partner of the customer, with everything being supplied from a single source from the initial enquiry up to the maintenance and servicing contract. For GEDA service does not stop with the delivery of the device. GEDA provides support during installation and additional acceptance tests on-site, gives advice in service training sessions customised to the product and offers a quick replacement parts service, a repair service and maintenance agreements.

180 years of expertise at the industrial location of Donau-Ries

The Märker Group is medium-sized family business operating in the stone and soil industries. Founded in 1889 the company production site is located in Harburg. It is one of the cleanest cement and lime works in Germany and uses state of the art technology. Continuous optimisation processes have enabled the energy-intensive products of cement and lime to be produced in both an environmentally-friendly manner and economically in Southern Germany. Improvements in energy efficiency, the efficient use of resources and recultivation efforts – Märker plants up to 5,000 trees each year – have made sustainable production possible at the plant.

Together Märker and GEDA, both companies with a long tradition, have over 180 years' experience in the sector. For more than 100 years Märker cement has been a proven binding agent on construction sites across the world. It is very possible that the cement and one or other of the construction hoists from Bavaria will work on other building projects together – a classic win-win situation made in Donau-Ries.
In the meantime the GEDA SH 2000 will continue to work diligently on the preheater tower in Harburg.