Three GEDA power packs for Russia

Hoist solutions from the Bavarian manufacturer are supporting the construction of Russia's biggest natural gas processing plant

In the Amur Region of Russia near the town of Svobodny, a gas processing plant is being constructed which when completed will be one of the largest in the world. 

Covering an area over 800 hectares, 42 billion cubic metres of gas will be processed each year. In addition to natural gas, the plant will produce other valuable components such as helium, propane, butane and ethane which are also used in the petrochemical industry.

A total of seven independently operating production lines are planned – each with a total capacity of seven billion cubic metres of natural gas per year – and which will be implemented in phases. Two of the production lines are scheduled to start operations once the first construction phase is completed. Processing capacity will then be expanded by one further production line every year.

The Gas Processing Plant will play a key role in the planned natural gas supply to China via the Siberian gas pipeline. The investment volume amounts to a huge USD 13 billion.

Optimum construction site logistics

The Serbian construction company VELESSTROY is responsible for the entire construction, installation and electrical works of this mega-project.

In order to ensure seamless processes throughout the entire construction phase, the managers in charge at VELESSTROY decided to deploy height access technology from the manufacturer GEDA GmbH from Asbach-Bäumenheim in Bavaria, Southern Germany. In use on the construction site of the Amur Natural Gas Processing Plant are one GEDA PH 2032 650 person and material hoist and two GEDA BL 2000 person and material hoists. 


GEDA PH 2032 650 – proven technology for heavy loads and extreme heights

With a lifting speed of 0-40-65-90 m/min controlled by a frequency converter, the GEDA PH 2032 650 reaches a hoisting height of up to 400 metres. The erection height of the hoist used on the Amur Natural Gas Processing Plant is 50 metres.

The frequency converter enables smooth starting and stopping with a low start-up current, which significantly reduces wear on the gear rack and the motor pinion.

A total of up to 25 people or an overall material weight of 2,000 kg can be transported on the spacious 1.55 x 3.20 metre platform. The automatic lubrication device which ensures significantly lower wear and tear on the gear rack and pinion is included as standard on the GEDA PH 2032 650.


Depending on the requirements and circumstances of the construction site, the GEDA PH series can be adjusted to the necessary specifications such as platform size, lifting speed and lifting height. The standard controls for landing pre-selection, automatic mode or fully automatic mode can be selected individually for each model. Different door systems in combination with the suitable requested electrically/mechanically locking landing level doors complete the profile of the PH range.

GEDA BL 2000 – the new power pack

Wherever heavy loads have to be transported to great heights, the new GEDA BL 2000 ensures the required efficiency in the construction process. The person and material hoist has a load capacity of 2,000 kg or 23 people and a lifting speed of up to 55 m/min. The new power pack from GEDA is available as a single and twin variant. The platform size of 1.45 x 3.20 x 2.10 m also allows transport of bulky goods up to a hoisting height of 250 m. The erection height of the hoist at the Amur Natural Gas Processing Plant is 50 metres. 

For even more comfort and user friendliness, the hoist was equipped with extensive control variants of the latest generation.

The GEDA BL 2000 is available in two variants: a Standard and a Premium model.

The Premium version impresses with a range of additional features. The option for remote maintenance and remote access to the hoist completes the premium package and is, especially in the Russian Amur Region, an invaluable advantage. The history of the actions performed with the hoist, such as start and stop time, error messages, load per journey etc., can be called up on the display. Depending on the conditions at the construction site or individual customer requirements, the GEDA BL 2000 Premium can be flexibly reprogrammed at the touch of a button from 2000 kg/63 A to 1500 kg or 1000 kg/32 A, allowing the hoist to be used for a variety of different applications.

An integrated wind sensor – shown on the display – ensures that if the wind conditions are too strong, the hoist is moved automatically to the ground station, providing an additional safety feature in particular for coastal construction sites. 

The Premium Edition can also be used as a pure material hoist, which means that the different landing levels are accessible even without any operating staff in the car. The option for remote maintenance and remote access to the hoist completes the premium package and is, especially in the Russian Amur Region, an invaluable advantage.

As an option, the new GEDA BL 2000 can also be equipped with an automatic lubrication device, an access or finger print system as well as car heating.


Focus on customer proximity

The successful deployment of the three person and material hoists at the construction of the Amur Natural Gas Processing Plant, represents another prestigious project in Russia for GEDA. Proximity to customers worldwide has always been the focus of the medium-sized construction and industrial hoist manufacturer and with the establishment of its own Russian subsidiary GEDA RUS, LLC in Moscow in 2008, GEDA has already created the framework to provide targeted services to these markets and support its customers as a reliable partner. GEDA has other international subsidiaries in the USA, Turkey and Korea.