XXL transport platform deployed to transport bathroom units

The new GEDA 3700 Z/ZP transport platform supports hotel building in Denmark

The Danish capital will soon be one hotel richer. In the heart of Copenhagen the prestigious Arp-Hansen Hotel Group is expanding its portfolio with a perfectly located new Wakeup Hotel. The new XXL transport platform and three further personnel and material hoists from the company GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG are being used for the installation of complete bathroom units.

Modern, minimalist yet stylish – this is the design motto of Wakeup Hotels. As soon as the hotel opens its doors, planned for 2018, the guests should feel comfortable in the 585 bedrooms. With a perfect location on the corner of Bernstorffsgade and Kalvebod Brygge, the Arp-Hansen Hotel Group A/S has acquired premises formerly used as office buildings but which will soon offer accommodation to both business and leisure guests. The plans for the new Wakeup Hotel were created in collaboration with the architect Kim Utzon.

However, before the first guests can enjoy their stay in the heart of Copenhagen, comprehensive conversion work has to be carried out on the former office building. One particularly practical feature is that the bathroom units are delivered as complete units which must be transported along the façade to their intended location.

The construction company responsible, ARPE & KJELDSHOLM A/S has acquired the relevant expertise for this task by taking the decision to use a GEDA 3700 Z/ZP transport platform and three GEDA Multilift P22 personnel and material hoists. The lessor of the height access solutions is the company Hejs.dk A/S. Construction hoist specialist GEDA and Hejs.dk A/S have many years of successful partnership behind them and have already jointly supported numerous prominent building projects in Denmark.

GEDA 3700 Z/ZP for “bathroom transportation”

However, the transportation of the complete bathroom units presented the height access technology used on-site with tough challenges. Not every traditional construction hoist can guarantee such high load capacities whilst at the same time safely store and quickly transport the bulky cargo.
Although sceptical at the outset about the new product from GEDA, Hejs.dk A/S Managing Director Michael Ipsen is now more than convinced of the benefits of using the
GEDA 3700 Z/ZP XXL transport platform. “At the launch at bauma 2016 I could not initially imagine any use for such a big transport platform. This construction site has shown me I was mistaken. No other construction hoist would have enabled us to transport the complete bathroom units upwards so easily for the Wakeup Hotel.”

As a pure material hoist with a load capacity of up to 3,700 kg or as a transport platform for people and materials for a maximum of seven people the GEDA 3700 Z/ZP is a two-in-one-device. The transport platform is a strong partner for heavy loads and efficient work methods and transports people and materials quickly and safely up to a height of 100 metres.
However the biggest benefit is the GEDA 3700 Z/ZP XXL platform. With dimensions of 5.00 x 2.90 metres (depending on the platform variants), it is ideally suited for the transport of bulky materials.
In the construction of the new Wakeup Hotel in Copenhagen the client
ARPE & KJELSDSHOLAM A/S decided to use a platform design with dimensions of
2.9 x 4.0 metres with a load capacity of 3,200 kg. The lifting speed is 12 m/min in people transportation mode and 24 m/min in materials transportation mode. In Denmark specific safety regulations have to be observed regarding the transportation of people. Therefore the transport platform has also been equipped with a roof and underrun protection.
With the introduction of the GEDA 3700 Z/ZP, GEDA is offering a device that will fully meet the market requirements for higher load capacities and larger platforms. Four different platform variants with a maximum load capacity of 3,700 kg mean that “the new kid on the block” can be used in a wide range of specific on-site conditions.
GEDA Comfort-Maxi landing level safety gates ensure the safe transition between the platform and the eleven landing levels on the Wakeup Hotel.

Multilift P22 – premium personnel transportation

The three GEDA Multilift P22 personnel and material hoists are only used for transporting people on the hotel construction site.
Launched at bauma 2007 the GEDA Multilift Series is now successfully established in the market and has numerous successful building site deployments to its name.
The GEDA Multilift P22 Comfort benefited in its development phase from the already proven know-how of the range. For example the complete, pre-installed base unit is delivered as one unit – with perfect dimensions for container loading and for HGV transportation. Long assembly times are now a thing of the past, as work to assemble the device (from the walk-on roof) can start on-site immediately.
The patented flat cable system ensures the fast and safe transportation of people and materials by the GEDA Multilift P22 Comfort up to a height of 200 metres. Designed as a space-saving device, the cable trolley provides a convenient access height of only 450 mm.
With its constant eye on the market, GEDA decided to develop an additional single-mast construction hoist for the GEDA Multilift P22 Comfort. Therefore, the GEDA Variomast is being used and its advantages can be exploited by both the GEDA Multilift P12 and the GEDA 1200 Z/ZP transport platform. This is a genuine and specific benefit for rental equipment operators such as Hejs.dk A/S because significant savings can be made in both space and storage costs.

Another successful GEDA deployment in Copenhagen

After the opening of the third Wakeup Hotel in Copenhagen, the hotel chain will offer a total of 1,323 hotel rooms in Denmark's capital, with GEDA and Hejs.dk A/S concluding another successfully executed building project in Copenhagen. Examples of where GEDA height access solutions have been used over the last few years include Copenhagen Airport, the Danish National Theatre and in the expansion of the metro.