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GEDA Suspended Working Platform Standard


The use of 1½" tubes ensures that the new GEDA Standard Suspended Working Platform is flexible to use and very scaffold-friendly. A particularly convenient feature is that the platforms and outriggers can be installed using just one spanner.

The platform is big enough for passengers and materials and the high-precision adjustment of the operating height always ensures the most ergonomically convenient working position.

Both for transport and for assembly/disassembly, the new GEDA Standard Suspended Working Platform benefits greatly from the low dead weight of the platform and the outriggers. The easy handling – with no small parts that can be lost – also translates into considerable time and cost savings.

Suspended working platforms are often exposed to rough environmental conditions in daily operation at construction sites. But GEDA had made provisions for that as well: the full galvanisation of the robust platform defies wind and weather. The outrigger can be used as a three-legged or four-legged variant, ensuring maximum adaptability and flexibility depending on the specific conditions on site.



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Technical Data Refresh
Cargo Persons and material
Traction force 650 kp
Lifting speed 8 m/min
Power supply 1.4 kW / 400 V / 50 Hz / 16 A
Platform length 3 m / 6 m
Control voltage 48 VAC