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The GEDA Rubbish Chutes Comfort are a system for universal use. They use all the benefits of plastic: they are very quiet and also have a low dead weight, facilitating transport and assembly/disassembly.

Highly impact-resistant plastic, 6 mm material thickness and additional 3 mm wearing ribs on the low/wear GEDA Comfort Rubbish Chute ensure an extremely long service life compared to conventional chutes. They are equipped with double hooks to ensure secure attachment of the rubbish chutes – whether for use on walls, scaffolding, pitched roofs or flat roofs. A wide selection of different fastening elements ensures shortest possible setup times and efficient working. The range of convenient accessories allows dust-free working as well as simultaneous working at several stories.




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Length 1.1 m
Wall thickness 6 mm + 3 mm anti-wear ribs
Weight 12 kg
Appropriate accessories
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Set of balcony clamps line blue
Set of balcony clamps
Set of chains line blue
Set of chains
Fixing frame line blue
Fixing frame
Hand winch line blue
Hand winch
Hand winch line blue
Hand winch
Dust protection hood line blue
Dust protection hood
Flat roof support line blue
Flat roof support
Ballast weight line blue
Ballast weight
Dust collar line blue
Dust collar
Skip cover line blue
Skip cover
Deflector ring line blue
Deflector ring
Chute liner line blue
Chute liner
Dump hopper line blue
Dump hopper
Chute branch section line blue
Chute branch section
Dump hopper line blue
Dump hopper
Flat roof support line blue
Flat roof support