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GEDA Cleaning Ladders


GEDA Cleaning Ladders – Simple and Safe Façade Maintenance

Being building maintenance units (BMU), cleaning ladders offer a simple passage to all kinds of facades for cleaning and maintenance. Nowadays, building facades are high quality elements that need professional servicing. These maintenance measures include cleaning, inspection, service and repairs.
To perform a simple and safe servicing of tall buildings, GEDA cleaning ladders are the perfect professional helper. Cleaning ladders can be permanently or temporarily installed. Depending on the architecture of the building, they also vary in their moving direction – vertical or horizontal.
All cleaning ladders are individually produced according to the specific needs of our customers. Our service team will gladly assist you in defining the perfect window cleaning ladder system!

Technical Information About GEDA Cleaning Ladders

The window ladders can be assembled on vertical facades with a medium height and operated manually or automatically. As there are two running gears, one runs along or within the rail, the other one simply controls and supports the system.


Two Kinds of Cleaning Ladders

GEDA offers two alternatives of cleaning ladders: hanging ladders and closed ladder units with a working platform. Both systems can be applied on medium height facades and manoeuvred by hand by a rope winch or electrically by endless winches. The cleaning ladders have two running gears: one runs along or within the trail, the other one simply controls and supports the system. For this construction, a separate rail is assembled.

If you wish further information about cleaning ladders or looking for alternatives such as façade hoists, monorails or gantries, do not hesitate to contact our service team! They will kindly assist you!