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GEDA Gantries


GEDA Gantries – Designed to Fit Your Needs

Using gantries, you can clean glass roofs and facades from the inside and the outside. You can make these units move electrically and mechanically. If required they can be equipped with telescopic ladder towers. Depending on the specific needs of our customers, we design and produce each gantry lift individually, for example a suspended working platform with roof boom for an easy outside cleaning. Also, the design is created according to the design of the roof. With the GEDA gantries you can easily service roofs between two buildings, even if the roof is arched.
For further information about the individual production of a gantry system for your building, our service team will gladly assist you!

Permanently Clean with GEDA Gantries

The so-called permanent installations include gantries that enable an easy cleaning from the inside and the outside. They are individually assembled in accordance to the roof shape and can be moved electrically and mechanically. Depending on the roof shape, gantries are run either on rail pairs around their own centre or only on one rail (= monorails). If desired, GEDA gantries can be additionally equipped with telescopic or attached ladder towers, or other building maintenance units (BMU).


GEDA Gantry Hoists – Flexible and Temporary Alternatives

If older buildings offer no fixed access or installations for façade cleaning, or if a retrofitting is not recommended due to the design of the façade, mobile – temporary – alternatives are available:

• Mobile scaffold
• Standing scaffold
• Lifting platforms

If the usage of one of these systems is planned, the sustainability of the ground and the space requirements need to be verified. Standing scaffolds need an according mounting possibility for secure wall anchors. With GEDA you have the perfect partner when it comes to performing the planning, creating and producing of your specific gantry lift.

If you need further information about the permanent installation of gantries or possible alternatives, do not hesitate to contact our friendly service team – they will gladly assist you to find the perfect gantry system for your building!

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    GEDA Gantries

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    GEDA Gantries