GEDA bauma News

Unique innovations, new functions and hoist solutions in proven GEDA quality – at bauma 2019 GEDA presents the future of high access technology under the motto „THE NEXT LEVEL“.

GEDA Mast Systems

The GEDA MAST SYSTEM offers the right mast solution for all devices from the GEDA range.

With the GEDA UNI-X-MAST, GEDA is launching an innovative, pioneering mast system with unique features:

    • Pioneering and efficient: the GEDA UNI-X-MAST system covers a large number of GEDA hoist solutions with load capacities from 300 to 2,000 kg.
    • Completely new development with excellent structural properties
    • Mast elements and mast brackets are compatible with the proven GEDA UNI-MAST system
    • Easy handling thanks to 10% lower dead weight of the individual mast elements compared to GEDA UNI-MAST
    • The flexible mast bracket allows the GEDA UNI-X-MAST to be individually adapted to the conditions on site
    • Made in Germany: Unique robustness and durability with proven GEDA quality

    GEDA Landing Level Safety Gates

    GEDA landing level safety gate VARIO

    With the newly developed, closed VARIO landing level safety gate, GEDA already meets the requirements of the future EN 16719 standard.
    The push-to-connect add-on element quickly turns the VARIO landing level safety gate into a 2 m high VARIO+ landing level safety gate.
    Conversion from left-opening to right-opening door is easily possible for both variants.

    GEDA landing level safety gate VARIO MAXI

    The newly designed, closed GEDA landing level safety gate VARIO MAXI is a double version of the GEDA VARIO door.
    The push-to-connect add-on element quickly turns the VARIO landing level safety gate into a 2 m high MAXI+ landing level safety gate.

    Both doors comply with the requirements of EN 16719.

    GEDA landing level safety gate VARIO LITE

    The 1.1 m high landing level safety gate GEDA VARIO LIGHT is an alternative to the GEDA VARIO landing level safety gate, developed as per EN 16719 but with a lower price.

    GEDA Multilift P18

    Launched at bauma 2007, the GEDA Multilift series has become successfully established in the market. As a further improvement to a tried-and-tested product, GEDA presents the new and completely revised version of the GEDA Multilift P18 at bauma 2019.

    The unique advantages of the new "all-rounder" from GEDA speak for themselves:


    • Expanding platform: from 3.2 to 3.7 m
    • Lifting speed: 40 m/min
    • Reducing the load and/or speed makes switching from a 63-A connection to a 32-A connection possible
    • Redesigned car interior: No interfering protrusions as all elements were integrated flush
    • Innovative GEDA UNI-X-MAST system
    • Extensive control variants of the latest generation – for even more comfort and user convenience
    • Significantly wider assembly plank for more convenient access during assembly
    • Easy maintenance: All wear parts are quickly and easily accessible
    • Option for remote service

    GEDA SH 1500

    Specially adapted to the individual requirements of all industries, the hoists from the GEDA SH series stand for unique quality and efficiency made in Germany.

    At bauma 2019, GEDA will offer a preview of the latest development in the GEDA SH range.


    • New development using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies
    • Extensive control variants of the latest generation – for even more comfort and user convenience
    • GEDA S-MAST system
    • Easy handling
    • Newly developed trolley for optimum travel

    GEDA 2 PK

    Satisfied customers worldwide and cooperation with renowned companies underline the quality of the crane operator hoist from GEDA.
    The proven system of the GEDA 2 PK crane operator hoist is made even more comfortable with newly developed accessories. Simplified handling and added safety!


    • The GEDA UNI crane bracket allows easy and fast installation of the hoist on the crane mast
    • For extra safety: The GEDA UNI transfer element ensures safe transition between car and crane mast


    Certain building features can present challenges for the height access technology used on site. GEDA has the answer – with the GEDA VARIO PIPE SYSTEM.


    • Perfectly coordinated components
    • Defined spacing
    • Independent of irregularities in the building architecture

    GEDA Remote Maintenance

    So the necessary maintenance work on GEDA construction hoist solutions can be carried out even more efficiently in future, the GEDA hoists GEDA Multilift P18, GEDA BL 2000 and GEDA SBL 2000 can now be accessed via a VPN interface, for querying the machine status and performing the relevant service measures.

    • Remote connection to the hoist: Hoist users and GEDA service personnel see the same view of the display
    • Chat function – for easier error diagnostics
    • Uncomplicated troubleshooting or installation of updates possible with remote system
    • Event logs available
    • Rights management
    • Multilingual menu guiding
    • Overview of current software versions for individual components
    • Worldwide access possible