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The GEDA Rack and Pinion Hoist – One System, Many Possibilities

The GEDA rack and pinion elevator is virtually limitless in its usage options. From classic material hoists which are primarily used for building scaffolding over transport platforms for the transportation of both personnel and materials to material hoists with a closed car. Mast climbing platforms are also included within the range. Common to all systems is the proven rack and pinion system.
A wide range of platforms, lifting heights, load capacities and hoisting speeds along with special accessories enable the flexible use of the rack and pinion hoists so they can be completely customised to on-site conditions. Regardless of whether the work is carried out on new build projects, façade works, or comprehensive renovations, rack and pinion elevators made by GEDA can meet almost every construction site requirement.

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Temporary Installations
GEDA 200 Z

The compact and lightweight GEDA 200 Z is the ideal helper f [...]

GEDA 300 Z

Whether scaffolding elements, tools or other construction ma [...]

GEDA 500 Z

Thanks to its robust design, the GEDA 500 Z braves the often [...]


The GEDA 500 Z DUO material hoist differs from its "little b [...]

GEDA 500 Z F

Powerful and efficient—at low and great lifting heights: The [...]


The “baby” among the GEDA transport platforms features a ran [...]


The GEDA 500 Z/ZP transport platform has been specifically d [...]

GEDA 1200 Z/ZP

The large loading capacity of the GEDA 1200 Z/ZP transport p [...]

GEDA 1500 Z/ZP

The GEDA 1500 Z/ZP has two separate control systems and can [...]

GEDA 1500 Z/ZP F

The optimal helper when anchoring is not possible - the GEDA [...]

GEDA 2500 Z/ZP

The GEDA 2500 Z/ZP transport platform is the new powerhouse [...]

GEDA 3700 Z/ZP

The GEDA 3700 Z/ZP transport platform fully meets the market [...]


The Multilift Comfort range can be used as enclosed hoist fo [...]


The modular system design of the GEDA Multilift range provid [...]


The tried-and-tested know-how of the entire GEDA Multilift r [...]


The GEDA Multilift P22 is the powerhouse of the Multilift ra [...]

GEDA PH 2737

Whether new building projects, façade work or extensive reno [...]

GEDA PH 3240

The strongest model in the PH range, the GEDA PH 3240, is de [...]

GEDA BL 2000

Wherever heavy loads have to be transported to great heights [...]


Special solutions tailored exactly to individual building co [...]


GEDA's “electrical scaffold“, the mast climbing platforms GE [...]


GEDA's “electrical scaffold“, the mast climbing platforms GE [...]

Permanent Installations

The GEDA 850 ZM P material hoist is installed as a convenien [...]

GEDA 1200 ZM P

Whenever heavier loads need to be transported, the GEDA 1200 [...]


Powerful, compact, folding – the GEDA 300 ZP P combines a [...]


Whether for maintenance and repair work or as a convenient t [...]

GEDA 1200 ZP P

The permanently installed GEDA 1200 ZP P transport platform [...]

GEDA 1500 ZP P

The GEDA 1500 ZP P is a true powerhouse among the transport [...]

GEDA 3700 ZP P

The GEDA 3700 ZP P permanent transport platform fully meets [...]


Customised specifically for industrial requirements such as [...]

GEDA BL 2000 P

Wherever heavy loads have to be transported to great heights [...]

Special Products
GEDA 300 Z Boiler Hoist

When repairing and maintaining silos, blast furnaces, co-gen [...]


The GEDA 2 PK transports the crane operator to his workplace [...]

The Appropriate Rack and Pinion Hoist for Every Possible Use

Rack and pinion hoists come in various models, fulfilling every possible need on-site. The models range from material hoists to transport platforms up to closed personnel and material hoists.
For example, the single material hoists GEDA 200 Z, 300 Z and 500 Z are often used for building scaffolding and ensure a safe and efficient transportation of all types of scaffolding and building material. If higher suspended loads are required or if people as well as materials also need to use the platform, GEDA transport platforms are a versatile alternative. GEDA provides a range of different transport platforms with installation customised to local conditions.
The GEDA 300 Z/ZP, 500 Z/ZP, ERA 1200 Z/ZP, 1500 Z/ZP and 3700 Z/ZP transport platforms are equipped with two separate control systems. Depending on the intended use, these kinds of rack and pinion hoists can also transport materials and people.
The closed personnel and material hoists of the PH and Multilift series also utilise the rack and pinion system. These power packs have been especially designed for transporting heavy loads to towering heights. For example, the maximum lifting height of the GEDA Multilift series is 200 metres with a maximum load capacity of 2 tonnes or 22 people. The GEDA PH has a lifting height of up to 400 metres!
The “electric scaffold” – the GEDA mast climbing platforms – scores through its short assembly/disassembly times and its ease of use. Regardless whether it is a question of wall projections, corners or curves, customers have the choice of two different variants which can be perfectly adapted to any specific building site condition. Feel free to contact us to receive more information about the different adaptations.
One distinguishing extra feature included as standard in all GEDA transport platforms is the automatic lubrication. Along with the PH and Multilift lift series it ensures significantly lower wear and tear on the toothed rack and pinion elevators.

GEDA Rack and Pinion Hoist – Increased Safety and Efficiency

Unique quality and competence “Made in Germany” have been the distinguishing features of GEDA lifts for over eight decades. Therefore, it is not without reason that the construction hoists form Bavaria, Germany, can be found in building projects across the world. GEDA not only sees itself as a manufacturer but much more as a partner to its customers.
Alongside increasing efficiencies through time and cost savings, the GEDA rack and pinion hoists from Bavaria also score due to their health and safety aspects. Using a lift as an alternative to the arduous carrying of heavy materials guarantees the protection of the employees’ health.
For even more safety the GEDA product range now includes appropriate, hot dip galvanized landing-level safety doors for every rack and pinion hoist. Only when the lift meets the safety doors and the locking device can be released the doors may open.

For further information do not hesitate to contact our service-team – our experts will gladly assist you with any questions about GEDA rack and pinion hoists!