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The GEDA Mast Climbing Platform – The versatile platform for height access technology


GEDA Mast Climbing Platforms are mainly used for comprehensive renovation work. GEDA’s practical and well-proven modular principle means this versatile platform has the flexibility to be used on virtually every building structure. Wall projections, corners and even curves in the architecture do not present any problems.

A GEDA mast climbing platform increases construction efficiency as several people can work on the façade simultaneously and all the materials required can be transported upwards directly.

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Temporary Installations

GEDA's “electrical scaffold“, the mast climbing platforms GE [...]


GEDA's “electrical scaffold“, the mast climbing platforms GE [...]

Unique benefits make the mast climbing platforms the perfect alternative


GEDA’s “electric scaffolds” – the MCP 750 and MCP 1500 mast climbing platforms – score in many different respects, in particular due to their ease of use and simple assembly/disassembly. These unique benefits become clear as soon as assembly is complete. For example, during assembly of the pedestal, standard scaffold elements such as girders, scaffold planks, guard rails and toeboards can be used.

Using the well-known GEDA UNI-MAST segments with captive screws, subsequent assembly is undertaken directly from the platforms.

With a hoisting speed of 9 m/min, the GEDA MCP 1500 mast climbing platform transports maximum loads of 1500 kg upwards. The 2-mast-climbing platform has the flexibility to be expanded up to a total width of 16.7 metres, whereas the smaller sister, the GEDA MCP 750 mast climbing platform, is also a winner due to its load capacity of 750 kg and working platform up to 5.6 metres wide. The GEDA platforms are guided on one or two masts depending on which design has been chosen. Both variants transport people and materials safely up to heights of 100 metres.

The mast climbing platform makes work both ergonomic and convenient since the device can be flexibly positioned along the façade. The platform also has a power supply point for work with a drilling machine or other electric tools, and when compared with a traditional scaffold, the use of mast climbing platforms has other significant benefits. For example, wall surfaces can be worked on freely as there are no vertical pipes preventing access. Furthermore, investment costs remain low, individual elements are transported in a space-saving manner and maximum safety and stability are guaranteed with a low setup outlay.

Mast climbing platforms are also popular for use on rental buildings. The platform is only located where work is actually going on. Therefore there is no tarpaulin concealing the view or preventing light incidence.


Increased efficiency and safety with the mast climbing platform


Unique quality and know-how “Made in Germany” have been the distinguishing features of GEDA lifts for over 85 years. The comprehensive product range ranges from the traditional construction hoist through the versatile transport platforms and personnel and material hoists to customised solutions for the industrial sector. GEDA products set new benchmarks for efficiency and safety and numerous worldwide references speak for themselves.

In addition to the time and cost savings, GEDA mast climbing platforms win over customers primarily due to their health aspect. The issues of health and humanity on building sites are becoming increasingly important as illness-induced absences are unfortunately all too common.