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GEDA Material Hoist – Working Easily with Heavy Loads

GEDA material hoists have been developed specifically for the transportation of scaffolding materials and other heavy loads. Due to the rack and pinion hoist system behind the material elevators are easy to use and offer a fast transportation. At the touch of just one button the material hoist takes over that energy-sapping dragging. However, they must only be used for the transportation of materials!
Building specialists such as scaffolders, roofers and building contractors, whether they are working on a new construction project or a renovation, are often faced with the same task: transporting a wide range of building materials and tools quickly and safely to extreme heights where the construction workers are waiting. But how can the heavy and often bulky scaffolding elements, building materials, loaded wheelbarrows, etc. can be moved upwards in a way that saves both human energy and time?

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Temporary Installations
GEDA 200 Z

The compact and lightweight GEDA 200 Z is the ideal helper f [...]

GEDA 300 Z

Whether scaffolding elements, tools or other construction ma [...]

GEDA 500 Z

Thanks to its robust design, the GEDA 500 Z braves the often [...]


The GEDA 500 Z DUO material hoist differs from its "little b [...]

GEDA 500 Z F

Powerful and efficient—at low and great lifting heights: The [...]

Permanent Installations

The GEDA 850 ZM P material hoist is installed as a convenien [...]

GEDA 1200 ZM P

Whenever heavier loads need to be transported, the GEDA 1200 [...]

Special Products
GEDA 300 Z Boiler Hoist

When repairing and maintaining silos, blast furnaces, co-gen [...]

Many Good Reasons for a GEDA Material Hoist

The extensive GEDA product range has the right material hoist for virtually every type of use and building site situation. Different load capacities of 200 kg to 500 kg, hoisting speeds up to 30 m/min and lifting heights up to 100 metres as well as practical accessories make the material lifts flexible to use as they can also be ideally adapted to local site conditions.
The building specialists know how to value practical support tools. GEDA material hoists stand out through their robust workmanship, ease of assembly and use and therefore can defy even the toughest environmental conditions on a building site. Nor do cramped space conditions on construction sites present a problem for GEDA since the material hoists’ compact design ensures the accommodation on the smallest of building sites or on narrow pavements.

Material Hoists – Ideal for Scaffolding

Especially when big areas of scaffolding must be assembled, it is worth using a material lift for the transportation and assembly of the scaffolding elements – not least to save valuable time and thereby costs. In addition to the GEDA 300 Z, GEDA 500 Z and GEDA 500 Z Duolifts, the GEDA 200 Z with its load capacity of 200 kg is one of the most ideally suited GEDA support devices for scaffolders. All scaffolding elements can be transported upwards in the aluminium lift which makes the scaffolding assembly work processes considerably easier. The GEDA 300 Z, GEDA 500 Z and GEDA 500 Z Duolifts are also ideally suited for the transportation of scaffolding material but can also transport heavy loads of up to 500 kg.
If heavy loads are required, the GEDA transport platforms are practical alternative to the pure material lifts. As well as transporting a wide range of building materials, people are also authorised to travel in a transport platform.

GEDA Material Lift Focusing on Efficiency and Health

Alongside the requirements for time and cost savings, there has recently been an increased focus on the issues of humanity and occupational safety by those responsible on building sites. And not without reason since back pain and associated illness-induced absences are unfortunately all too common. Material hoists protect the health of people working on a building site and makes daily work routines on tough construction sites considerably easier with that energy-sapping dragging of bulky building materials through narrow staircases or daredevil balancing of building materials above ladders now consigned to the past.
For even more safety the GEDA product range now includes matching landing-level safety doors for every material hoist. The completely hot dip galvanized doors are directly fastened to the scaffolding and will only open when the lift meets the landing-level safety doors and the locking device can be released.

If you need further information about the GEDA material hoist do not hesitate to contact our friendly experts. They will gladly assist you with any question rising during your information gathering.