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Suspended Working Platforms by GEDA – Precise to the Centimetre

What once was the Empire State Building in New York, nowadays is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai: the highest building in the world. These and many more are so high that scaffoldings for working at the outer facades are often not sufficient. Therefore, temporary working platforms for persons are needed.
The so-called suspended working platforms are also used on smaller houses, cooling towers, silos, pits and industrial plants. The platforms are mounted with a system including endless winches to ensure safe lifting and lowering of personnel and materials. For an easy working experience suspended working platforms can be adjusted precisely to the centimetre, so workers can directly reach their working space. Due to the modular construction system, a suspended working platform can be used flexibly and can be adjusted according to the needs of the various construction sites. Hence, the endless winches, brackets, base plates and railings needed can be assembled in exact accordance to the site 


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Temporary Installations

With the rope suspended working platforms from GEDA, you can [...]


With the rope suspended working platforms from GEDA, you can [...]

GEDA Suspended Working Platform Standard

The use of 1½" tubes ensures that the new GEDA Standard Susp [...]

Special Products

With traction of 650 kp and a lifting speed of 8 m/min, the [...]

Features of Suspended Working Platforms

GEDA’s space-saving suspended working platforms do not generate vibrations or any distracting noises. Besides the easy handling and the precise assembly, these specific platforms provide various security equipment.
Especially in towering heights GEDA offers four models of suspended working platforms. Every working platform is specialized for distinctive requirements and provides parameters that can be differentiated in the following criteria:

  • Transportation goods
  • Traction
  • Lifting speed
  • Platform length
  • Control voltage
  • Power connection

Suspended Working Platforms: Proven Standards to Fair Conditions

For many years, the suspended working platforms GEDA AB 450 and GEDA AB 650 can transport humans and materials with a traction of 450 to 650 kilopond (kp). Both platforms offer a lifting speed of 8 m/min and need the following power connections: 1,4 kw / 400 V / 50 Hz / 16 A, the control voltage is always 48 VAC. Both platform models provide a length of 1 to 14 metres.

“Something New”: Flexible and Scaffold-Friendly

Since 2016, GEDA offers a new suspended working platform. The suspended working platform Standard uses 1 ½“ pipes; the platform and roof arms can only be mounted with a key. Both components enable an extremely flexible and scaffold-friendly working platform. Just like the proven GEDA suspended working platforms, the new platform also provides enough space for workers and materials. The known configurations enable a precise adjustment in height. Whereas the platform length of 3 m is significantly shorter than the known 6 m from other models, the other features stay the same. A further advantage is the material used for the platform: it is completely galvanized and weatherproof.

Specialized Product for Distinctive Tasks

The last model within our assortment is the material winch GEDA AB 650 M. Besides proven parameters, a conversion set is provided. With this set the carrying capacity can be adjusted to a maximum of 1300 kg. Further accessories are extension cords, roof arms with an outreach of 2 m or 2,8 m and ballast weights. This winch is always operational – at any construction site and any place!

If you need further information about GEDA’s suspended working platforms, our experts will gladly assist you. You can also contact us if you need assisted trainings and guidance for using a suspended working platform.