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Solutions for theConstruction site, Solutions for theConstruction site

With their flexibility and versatility, GEDA product solutions can handle virtually every construction challenge they are faced with.
Discover GEDA's diversity on the construction site and you will find the appropriate helper for your own particular line of work!

Solutions for theIndustry, Solutions for theIndustry

Using state-of-the-art engineering, GEDA industrial hoist solutions are designed and produced specifically to the needs of a wide range of industrial sectors. Despite the sometimes rough environmental conditions GEDA lift solutions ensure the efficient and safe transport of persons and materials. Discover the GEDA product solutions for your own industrial operations!

Solutions forFaçade works, Solutions forFaçade works

Façade work covers many different disciplines such as cleaning, new constructions or renovations.  Whatever the requirements set by the architecture, statics or meteorological situations, GEDA has solutions for all exterior façade works. Discover the GEDA product solutions for your façade!