Double GEDA power for new hospital in Reykjavík

Two GEDA 3700 Z/ZP platforms assist in construction of New National Hospital

Iceland is building its state-of-the-art New National Hospital and GEDA is involved in the construction work with its equipment. The Bavarian industrial and construction lift manufacturer is currently helping to transport heavy materials and construction workers with two GEDA 3700 Z/ZP transport platforms.

Iceland’s capital Reykjavík is currently building the state-of-the-art “New National Hospital”. The new hospital has been designed for modern and efficient operations. One example of this is the planning for the laboratory centre, which is linked to other departments by a special pneumatic tube system so that samples and analyses can be quickly and efficiently sent to where they are needed.
Another feature of the hospital are its operating theatres that can be used during earthquakes up to a certain magnitude. Earthquakes have been increasingly frequent in Iceland over the past few months and should now no longer affect hospital operations.

In addition to the New National Hospital, there will also be a hotel for patients with 75 rooms on four floors. The single, family and handicapped-accessible rooms are connected to all the hospital’s key operating units and there is a restaurant in the building, as well as a sun terrace. In any event, the new hospital in Reykjavík will be a special building and GEDA is a part of this extraordinary project.

GEDA 3700 Z/ZP
Since October 2023, a GEDA 3700 Z/ZP has been involved in the construction work for the new hospital in Reykjavík. The second transport platform is currently being completed by GEDA and will be delivered in May to assist in construction as agreed. Both transport platforms will be used to transport personnel and large, heavy materials while the New National Hospital is being built, which is due to take at least five years. Moreover, they are heavily involved in the installation and transportation of the various glass elements for the façade. GEDA and its Icelandic partner Hoist Vinnulyftur have developed a special, narrow mast mount in cooperation with the client so that almost all façade elements can be finally installed. Finding a solution to this challenge was possible thanks to the fast work by GEDA’s own Structural Engineering department and with the help of GEDA central tools such as the Installation Designer.

What makes this construction site special are the already fully assembled patient rooms that have to be moved into the right position with the GEDA 3700 Z/ZP. This is a challenge it can easily handle with platform D, thanks to its payload of 3,000 kg and a size of 2.9 m x 5.0 m. The size and payload of the platform vary from model to model, up to a maximum possible payload of 3,700 kg. Personnel, materials and tools will be lifted to a height of 30 m. The maximum possible lifting height of the transport platform is 200 m at a lifting speed of 36 m/min for materials and 12 m/min for personnel. At a height of 30 m, the platform serves six floors that are fitted with double comfort floors to ensure a safe transition to the building.

Nine years of GEDA & Hoist Vinnulyftur
GEDA and Hoist Vinnulyftur have been working together on projects in Iceland since 2015. It has also been an official GEDA dealer since 2017 and is responsible for the distribution of our products in Iceland. Given the size of the country, Hoist Vinnulyftur is the only GEDA dealer in Iceland.  The cooperation works excellently thanks to the personal contact and the training provided by GEDA, which is sometimes tailored to specific clients, and means successful projects for both companies. This approach is highly important to GEDA because, as an industrial and construction lift manufacturer, it offers its customers an all-in package from product through to service. In this context, Hoist Vinnulyftur’s Managing Director and Technical Director were already trained on a GEDA 3700 Z/ZP assembled on site back in September 2023.