GEDA power in the heart of Birmingham

German Passenger Goods Hoist on site in England's second largest city

The GEDA Multilift P22 in the Premium version was used as a helper on a challenging construction site in the English West Midlands. In the city center of Birmingham, a building complex with 226 luxurious apartments is being built with the help of the English rental company Hoist Hire Services.

In Birmingham, a landmark is nearing its completion: the JQ Rise building complex is being built, consisting of 226 luxurious one and two-bedroom apartments in the heart of the city. Important amenities such as supermarkets, pharmacies, or restaurants are within walking distance from the apartments. Facilities such as the University College, the Arena, or the O2 Academy, to name a few, are in close proximity to the building complex. The modern design and exclusive interior furnishings make the apartments highly desirable for tenants seeking the highest level of living comfort.

For the duration of the construction project, the responsible construction company together with Hoist Hire Services had to find an access solution for the many contractors on site. Eventually, they chose to use the GEDA Multilift P22 Premium as the optimal machine for various reasons. It was important that the employees and materials were protected from rain and wind. In addition, unlike the very popular transport platforms, the Multilift Passenger Goods Hoist is able to travel at a higher speed, saving time and money. To enhance safety, 2.1 m high floor-to-ceiling safety doors were chosen to allow for a safe passage of man and material, including windows, pipes, and everything needed for drywall construction. 

Multilift P22 Premium
The GEDA Multilift P22 Premium will be used for about 12 months at this construction site, bringing both people and material to where they are needed. For this task, there is a trained lift operator whose task is to operate the lift properly while navigating the 24 floors. At a speed of 54 m/min, the entire construction height of 75 m can be quickly reached. The maximum lifting height of the GEDA Multilift P22 is 200 m. With a load capacity of 2000 kg, the elevator is a true workhorse. The inner platform dimension of 1.4 m x 3.2 m x 2.1 m gives the elevator plenty of space and options for transporting the materials needed on the construction site.

A special challenge on this construction site was setting the anchoring through the windows. A special construction had to be made to avoid damaging the brick facade. Thanks to the good cooperation of the GEDA construction team with the hoist provider Hoist Hire Services, this challenge was mastered successfully.

Nearly 20 years of collaboration
German manufacturer of industrial and construction hoists GEDA has been working together with Hoist Hire Service on English construction sites for nearly 20 years. For this project, the equipment was rented through Hoist Hire Service and installed in front of a scaffold by Intercity Scaffolding. GEDA and Hoist Hire Service greatly appreciate the longstanding collaboration and once again demonstrate how well they successfully overcome challenges. In the end, superior material quality and outstanding service support are key to their shared success.