Once regional, always regional

Regional family business Märker Zement GmbH and GEDA GmbH are expanding their long-standing partnership.

GEDA GmbH equipment has already been used in a variety of Märker Zement GmbH projects in the past. The partnership between the two regional companies has recently been expanded, with a GEDA SH 2500 being deployed as part of the major Ofen 8 project.

A decade of collaboration in the local area
In the past, the two companies have worked together on a number of Märker Zement GmbH projects. Since 2013, the two companies, based in nearby towns, have been collaborating on custom solutions for projects at Märker's cement works in Harburg. The last project, building a new heat exchanger, involved permanently installing a GEDA SH 2500, which is ideally suited to the needs of the cement industry.
GEDA has been delivering consistently impressive products and quality over the years and welcomed another opportunity to deliver optimised height access to its local partner around 20 km up the road in Harburg. This geographic proximity is particularly practical for the fully comprehensive range of after-sales services that GEDA has been offering its customers for years. In other words, the services that the manufacturer of construction lifts and industrial hoists provides do not stop at delivery of its equipment. For example, the company offers additional servicing training and can arrange maintenance and servicing contracts with customers to ensure optimised after-sales care. Märker Zement has been depending on this high quality and performance for roughly ten years now.

The GEDA SH2500 in use
The GEDA SH, which is designed to be optimised for use at cement works, has no problem coping with the conditions on site. It can be a tough environment, but thanks to GEDA's surface protection and anti-corrosion system, the lift can handle it. In the project business in particular, the prevailing conditions at the job sites are vital to the design and construction of the permanently installed equipment. Consequently, the GEDA SH was made to suit the specifications for this project as well. The car, measuring 1.5 x 2.8 x 2.5 m, travels along a square 0.65 x 0.65 m steel mast, providing a smooth ride. To ensure safe and efficient height access on the Ofen 8 project, Märker Zement opted for a lift with a load capacity of 2,500 kg. This makes it easier to transport heavy loads to heights of up to 400 m. The lift can carry passengers and material at speeds of up to 40 m/min, allowing for maintenance and servicing work to be carried out at height. In this case, the equipment was taken to Harburg and installed for a lifting height of 108 m, serving 13 floors. Märker chose tall swing doors measuring 1.5 x 2.0 m to provide the best possible protection for its operational personnel. The dimensions and load capacity of the equipment vary from project to project and can be customised upon request.

Other GEDA products in operation
There is another item of permanent GEDA equipment in use on the Märker Zement site in Harburg. The GEDA 3700 ZP P is attached to a different building at the cement works and carries material and passengers with combined weights of as much as 3,700 kg between ground level and the first floor. In addition to the GEDA SH 2500, there are three other SHs in operation at Märker Zement GmbH. A GEDA SH 1000, a GEDA SH 2000 and a GEDA SH 850 are a great help to the company on a daily basis.
GEDA lifts have also been used to facilitate vertical transport on a number of other construction projects. A GEDA MULTILIFT P 12 was deployed on the site in 2013, and a GEDA 1500 Z/ZP transport platform provided assistance the following year. A GEDA BL 2000 Twin was used to help with construction in 2021 to get the project completed as effectively as possible.