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With just one touch of a button all kinds of materials are easily transported along the façade, without that tiresome cable spaghetti, leading to faster, smoother construction.

The GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT is THE new kid on the block in compact material hoists. Assembled in a flash by only one person in less than five minutes, the new lift from GEDA uses its powerful 24 V/10 Ah li-ion-battery and different load carrying devices to drive to transport all kinds of materials up to 120 kg. So with just one touch of a button the practical remote radio control sets the compact device in motion from 0 to 15 m/min. Whether the project is a restoration or a new build site, whether for tilers, decorators, window producers, joiners, removal companies, DIY enthusiasts and and and… the GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT is the ideal transportation tool for all those materials that have to be transported upwards quickly and safely. It can be used in virtually every situation.

By cleverly combining the support and/or the lean-to ladder using the convenient ladder connection kit, progressively adjustable heights from 2.1 m up to 10 m can be achieved.
Even when the GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT is not needed, the versatile robust ladder can be used as a traditional construction site ladder. All ladders in the GEDA LIFTLadder system stand out due to their unique “Made in Germany” quality.After a short battery charging time of only about 1.5 hours, the compact transport professional is then ready for its next deployment.
The GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT is the perfect complement to the small units range and with the battery technology is introducing a new generation of height-access technology.



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Product highlights

State-of-the-art battery technology meets wireless remote control.

Powerful battery

The powerful 24 V/10 Ah li-ion-battery device transports all kinds of material up to 120 kg.


Three in one: Stepladder, lean-to ladder and GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT.

Tool-free assembling

The few components can be installed completely toolfree.

Technical Data GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT Refresh
Cargo Material
Mast system GEDA LIFTLadder
Load capacity (material) 120 kg
Lifting height 10 m
Lifting speed 15 m/min
Battery Lithium ion battery
Battery voltage 24 V
Battery capacity 10 Ah
Technical Data GEDA LIFTLadder Refresh
last detail
next detail
Model GEDA LIFTLadder 4500 GEDA LIFTLadder 2400
Ladder type Lean-to ladder,Stepladder Extension ladder,Lean-to ladder
Length 4.5 m 2.4 m
Weight 19 kg 9.7 kg
Particularity Strengthened ladder link -
Appropriate accessories
Lashing strap line blue
Lashing strap
GEDA LIFTLadder 4500 line blue
GEDA LIFTLadder 4500
GEDA LIFTLadder 2400 line blue
GEDA LIFTLadder 2400
GEDA LIFTLadder 1100 line blue
GEDA LIFTLadder 1100
Ladder connector line blue
Ladder connector
Load carrying device Basic line blue
Load carrying device Basic
Load carrying device Standard line blue
Load carrying device Standard
Load carrying device Premium line blue
Load carrying device Premium
Load carrying device Solar line blue
Load carrying device Solar
Head section line blue
Head section
Battery 24 V/10 Ah line blue
Battery 24 V/10 Ah
Battery charger line blue
Battery charger
Limit rod line blue
Limit rod
Transport case + line blue
Transport case +
Step module line blue
Step module
Hook-in step line blue
Hook-in step

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