Step inside the smart world of GEDA hoists. We are starting a new chapter with the innovative GEDA Machine Management system – giving you a CENTRAL overview of your GEDA transport platforms. Our solution makes your hoists SMART and connects your fleet.

GEDA Machine Management

The brand-new GEDA Machine Management system connects your GEDA transport platforms (GEDA 300 Z/ZP, 500 Z/ZP, 1200 Z/ZP, 1500 Z/ZP and 1500 Z/ZP F) with GEDA Central – all thanks to the new GEDA IoT-Box Standard. This innovative online portal helps you maintain an overview of your equipment and its location from the comfort of your office. As well as locating your equipment, you can enjoy round-the-clock access to real-time data for your hoist. Should any faults or operation errors occur, you will not be forced to call a costly service technician because the integrated remote diagnostics function will help you to resolve any problems over the phone. This eliminates unnecessary service call-outs and saves you a lot of money every day. In GEDA Central, you can now view a whole range of useful statistics about your fleet (e.g. equipment running time) and even disable equipment where required. MAKE YOUR HOIST SMART – with GEDA!

Location data

Know where your equipment is at all times.


The diagnostics system is displayed live on your screen in real time.

Machine lock

Has your invoice not been paid? Are you having trouble with the company leasing your equipment? You can disable the hoist quickly and easily at the click of a button.

Runtime monitoring

GEDA Central gives you easy access to key analyses.

Here’s how it works

GEDA transport platforms have been factory-fitted with transfer modules since 2023/2024. These modules in conjunction with the GEDA IoT-Box Standard are what make the GEDA transport platforms SMART. The GEDA IoT-Box Standard can be retrofitted with ease.

Even existing equipment without a transfer module can be retrofitted with the GEDA IoT-Box Standard and made “ready” for GEDA Machine Management.

GEDA Machine Management is free for one year with new equipment. You can easily manage your licences via our shop in GEDA Central.

What do I need to make my hoist SMART?

Just enter the serial number and find out more!

Check now!

To make it as easy as possible for you to get started with GEDA Machine Management, we have provided you with some helpful tutorials in our new GEDA Academy training tool. In addition to videos on how to use GEDA Machine Management, you will also find films showing you how to install or retrofit the GEDA IoT-Box Standard.

Here’s what our customers are saying

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  • „This makes my construction hoists smart - the digital construction site of the future can come.”
  • „With GEDA Machine Management, I have everything in view - without being on site!”
  • „Very clear and intuitive to use - despite the large number of functions.”
  • „This makes price negotiations in the rental business much easier.”
  • „Enables the detection of breaches of contract and abuse.”
  • „All diagnostic messages are immediately available in my office at the touch of a button - great!”
  • „Gives us transparency about the use and utilisation of our GEDA hoists.”
  • „We expect to be able to save around 70 % of unnecessary service calls with the GEDA solution.”




For which GEDA products can the GEDA smart solution be used?
GEDA Machine Management can be used for GEDA 300 Z/ZP, 500 Z/ZP, 1200 Z/ZP, 1500 Z/ZP and 1500 Z/ZP F series transport platforms.

Is it possible to retrofit my transport platforms?
You can retrofit transport platforms that are currently on the market. Simply use the above tool to check what you will need to make your hoist SMART.

In what countries can the GEDA Machine Management smart functions be used?
The GEDA solution can be used in Europe.

Where do I find GEDA Machine Management?
GEDA Machine Management is part of GEDA Central – an intelligent online platform offering digital services for your GEDA hoists. 

How complicated is it to retrofit equipment?
Retrofitting is a very easy process. Go to GEDA Academy (part of GEDA Central) to find out what you need to do.

Does GEDA Machine Management come with costs?
GEDA Machine Management can be retrofitted and used at a reasonable cost. The GEDA team will be happy to advise you.